Provide a "sticky" mouse option for interacting with the cockpit

Please provide a “sticky” mouse feature, where the mouse pointer sticks to a control regardless of turbulence or head panning. This would make cockpit interactions much more robust.

If the mouse pointer is hovering over a interactable control, it should stick there regardless or turbulence or head panning. This would require user focus only for the initial selection of a control (similar to real life, once you touch it you sort of hold onto it in turbulence), and it could be used easily while looking around.

Alternatively, the “mouse” cursor could simply be relative to the 3D cockpit, essentially mimicking 2D movement over the surfaces (however this may be more trouble).

Simply forcing the mouse cursor to move based on the position of a currently selected control on screen would make cockpit interactions less burdensome when look around or in heavy “head shake” turbulence. You already seem to know the screen location of the control, so just add an option to move the mouse as it potentially moves.

I agree. it gets annoying when I’m using the mouse wheel to adjust a value on a knob and then my mouse wheel starts zooming in to the section.

Whenever I feel the need of a sticky mouse, I drown it in my beer… Success guaranteed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But seriously… you have a valid request… :muscle:

There is an easy fix for that. Just bind zoom to some mouse button +mouse wheel. I’ve been using it like that for some time now.

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Zoom is not really the same… it’s currently bound to the same input (rotate knob and zoom), which is another problem on it’s own. But if you pan around (to for example looks outside quickly or at something else), panning back, your mouse will inevitable be in a different place. This request is not about making the button bigger (which zoom fixes), but about being able to “stick” to a control even while panning and there’s motion, until some deliberate mouse movement unsticks it. This even more useful with TrackIR. Vaguely:

  1. On mouse move (e.g. while there’s motion) if it enters a control area, consider it captured
  2. If there’s control translation (turbulence, panning etc.), and it has captured the mouse, translate the mouse cursor with it
  3. While capture, mouse movement is relative to the controle, but as soon as the user moves the mouse enough (e.g. off the control), release (un-capture) it

I’m sure it needs some experimenting, tweaking, but #1 ensures that controls are not captures during a pan, but only on actual mouse events. This could be an option in settings (maybe Accessibility), for those that prefer the zoom or standard interaction.

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I know. Sticky mouse would be great. I asked for it a year ago during the tech alfa. Above I was answering to the problem with turning a knob causing zoom.

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Maybe check out the ‘Cockpit Interaction’ control mappings, as they effectively provide, perhaps not perfectly yet, what the OP is asking for.

I set my Middle Mouse button to select the primary control and my mouse wheel to increment and decrement the selected control and it appears to work pretty well.

However, if you move your head too much from where it was when you selected the control, it does stop the inc/dec actions working, but that comes back when you move your head back to where it was. Also, using the right mouse button to zoom in on a panel will apparently deselect the primary control.

I’ve yet to try figure out how the secondary and tertiary controls work, but this definitely seems to provide the “sticky keys” we were looking for.

As for how long it’s been available, I can’t say, but I haven’t seen anything in any patch notes, so it might have been there from the start???