Provide Color Space, Tone Mapping, CAS Shader Strength and post-processing effects controls in VR

Really wish this was worked on. It hurts my eyes with the intensity

Me too - the first thing they should have implemented was:

Post Process ON/OFF settings
allowing to enable/disable the following UserCfg.opt PostProcess options:
EyeAdaptation, ColorGrading, Dirt, FilmGrain, Vignette

At least allow us to disable some of that stuff…


If you have a quest 2 I recommend using virtual desktop instead of Oculus link because you can adjust the gamma, I run at 75% and it looks so much better. You can also turn on colour vibrance but it’s slightly too vibrant for me.

Also with the recent virtual desktop they have an “ultra” mode which is a resolution around 2800 for the quest 2, slightly higher than the 2700 on the link, the picture is great.

It does seem mad that I’m having to wirelessly stream a 4k+ image to my headset via wi-fi just to get a darker image (and yes it remains plugged into the PC via USB so I don’t run out of battery :joy: ) but there we are

Hp reverb g2 I’m afraid. Yes that sounds rather complicated for something that should be simple!

I wish more people would vote for this. With the details provided by CaptLucky8 it should be pretty straightforward for Asobo to address without waiting for the end of the year. The VR potential in MSFS is absolutely amazing, and I’m already blown away, Being able to adjust these parameters would really be a great first pass enhancement.

My way of making this more tolerable: fly at dawn/dusk, it definitely feels less washed out, at least for me.

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I wholeheartedly agree, I was wondering why I had less immersion than in X-Plane…

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I personally don’t feel like X-Plane is more immersive for his tone mapping and color space handling though.

As a matter of fact, prior they change their shaders to binary format, I’ve even published a recipe to let you change the X-Plane Shaders so that you can change the tone mapping algorithm and add post-processing color adjustment in a way which doesn’t take any performance at all (compared to using ReShade for example).



There are other things which are giving me less immersion than in X-Plane though but these are my own…

It seems SU5 is giving me a much more colorful environment on the G2. Alas, I now have shimmering across the board, making cockpit, reflections, navigraph maps really painful to look at. What a bummer…

I would like to see this outside of VR in just normal play. Actually on overhaul of the lighting would be a good start…

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I agree with you and I have no doubt should MSFT finally decides to implement this, it wouldn’t make sense to restrict it to VR only either. However it is much more prevalent a problem in VR than 3D and this is why I’ve created the topic in this sub-forum first, because even if the rendered image can be externally adjusted to some extent in 3D (not fully), and even if all monitors are very close nowadays to the sRGB standard, in VR it can’t be adjusted at all and they are all diverging much more from any color standard to which the game is calibrated by default.


Indeed, should be available with or without VR.
Additionally, some filters could be handy, auto-enhance / auto Level / vignette / aso …, perhaps as existing plugins and directly handled by DirectX ?