PSA: Remove all mods when new update comes out

I can’t believe this has to be said EVERYTIME a new patch comes out. But here it is again. When you update MSFS, remove ALL mods from your community folder. Also remove any file modifications you have made.

Then check the Mod’s site to see if an updated mod version is out to support the updated MSFS version. Most of the popular mods are updated fairly quickly.

I see countless posts on not just this but multiple forums of people having issues that get resolved after they are told to remove their mods.

If you’re running every mod under the sun and it’s too much work to do this, then you just better get used to never having a fully working sim.


So true…

To be more complete, after each patch, make sure:

  1. to clean all your caches, including your rolling cache (turn it back on after)

  2. move/rename your community folder, The game will create a new empty one. Reinstall each mod to find if one is crashing the game. Because the game is still in heavy development, incompatibilities may arise from patch to patch. It is likely that we have to do that for the next 6 months unfortunately.

  3. that no other program or game is running. I’ve had CTD due to DCS World being open in the background (but no sim was running, just the lobby)

  4. if this doesn’t fix it, unplug all your devices but mouse/keybord and plug them again one by one

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