PSA: The Boeing 747-8 IS Flyable

Yes, it has its share of bugs, but I think the main thing that was making it unflyable for me (and hopefully many others) is rooted in the weight and balance being wrong by default. This resulted in the airplane needing to fly very pitched up, and when you engage autopilot to try to climb or cruise, it would run out of trim. Then airspeed would drop, and keep dropping, etc.

Once I went into the weights menu, and I lowered the economy class passenger load from like 28,000lbs to 10,000lbs, it was then able to fly as one would expect. And using autopilot to maintain cruise would work and not be so oscillatory. If that is even a word, LOL.

Yes, I had it happen where in VNAV mode (with autothrottle engaged) it wouldn’t increase the engine thrust. The airspeed very low and there was no reason for the throttles to be retarded, but they were. I found I had to turn off VNAV and authothrottle to get to altitude.

Not where the aircraft should be at launch, and a month after and a couple patches in. But, all we can do is figure out how to play around the bugs, right?