Pulse Lights

Can anybody tell me if there is a command, whether it be keyboard or somewhere else for setting the PULSE LIGHTS.

Do you mean the STROBE LIGHTS (white lights flashing on the tail and the tip of the wings)?
Or the BEACON LIGHTS (red lights flashing on the top and bottom of the aircraft)?

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Or do you mean the “pulse” button in the 930 for the landing lights?

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Yes exactly

No, the TBM has a pulse light switch on the overhead

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did you try all the Toggle light switches from the control options?

sure did, nothing there and couldn’t find anything on keyboard

I mean, if you filter the control options to ALL, you should see all the commands that’s not even bound to anything. You might need to test binding them to a keyboard key and test it there.

Pulse only works when Landing and taxi lights are off.

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