Purchase and loading

I purchased Microsoft flight simulator for PC on Thursday. so far I have un/installed 6 times, had to remove files as stated in the work rounds, and spent up to now 42 hours on the thing. I have never in all my life been so looking forward to a product and felt so let down by the producers, I mean honestly, if it is not ready for the general public, don’t sell it, it has cost me more in time to sort this thing out than the sim cost to buy. imho, x plane 11 and dcs world are vastly superior and with next to no problems. please get your acts together and sort it out!

Thank you for your patience as we move backward together.

sorry typo … forward of course

I would normally make an acerbic comment and pass over posts like yours but I’m intrigued as you shouldn’t be having those problems.

Describe exactly your installation process first please. I’m sure we’ll be able to work it out.

Oh and confirmation you meet all tech specs and have sufficient room on your install medium.

I start the sim, in windows 10, I am then prompted to update, after 3 hours the first block are downloaded, fs-base-0.161.fspackage.1 thru4 etc all the way down to fs-base-0.1.94.fspatch…when decompression reaches fs-base-0.161.fspackage.004 it stops working, so I try again and again and still the same, then I see the work round to delete none working folder and then the same issue with package 6 and on and on and on. I am now at the 49 hour point and am really not happy at all with the entire situation

I have also deleted the entire game folder re booted and stated again, still the same outcome

You replied to my post on a different thread and IMO obviously misunderstood it. Your posts here are not (yet) non-constructive complaining but some statements were unnecessary for solving your issue IMO. I regret that you are having issues with the installation but am sure that you will get help here. However IMO not with the limited info you have given.
As many are not having installation problems, your problem must be due to your PC config.

my pc is new, the installation stalls on:-fs.base.0.1.16.fspatch - fs.base.0.1.92.fspatch - fs.base.0.1.79.fspatch. and will move forward no further, the sim is on C: Drive a 1Tb SSD with 750Gb free space, I am running an ASUS Rog Mb with an intel i7 possessor and 32Gb ddr4ram

Try looking into the windows event log viewer, you can find the sim under administrative events, look through the log file or the xml file and you may find the culprit of it stopping.

Do you have a stable internet connection? you could try CMD in start menu, ping google.com -n 500
and see if you are dropping packets out of the total 500 it will give you an average.