Purchase from Microsoft Store- Refund

Not happy. Purchased upgrade to Premium Deluxe from Microsoft Store thinking I had purchased full version- but no it is not. It was just a points upgrade
Have to have Xbox pass to re-install.
Tried without success to get refund, but as it is outside the 14 days refund window no luck.
I have no need for the $AUD10.95 subscription to Game pass. All I want is MSFlight Sim.
When my PC crashes or I just need a fresh install of the Sim , I will have to purchase a game pass again.
Take this as a warning for anyone else going down this path


You could also purchase the base game. Sorry. That sucks.

1 week after release, a guy stated the same. Maybe you can contact him or search his post. I hope you find a solution sir

You got the game pass discount for having the game pass correct?

The game pass version requires game pass.

Yes I purchased game pass originally,but now I want to cancel as I have no need for any other games. I was not aware when I paid for the premium upgrade that I would still need the game pass in the future

wow, that´s insane

Hi @curlymartin, I’m sorry to hear about your issues.

You aren’t the first person to make that mistake with the in-game market place.

When you tried to get a refund, did you explain what caused your confusion and that you were hoping to get a refund with the goal of buying a full bundle on the MS Store?

Some users who were outside of their 14 day period had reported getting a refund for that purpose.

Yes. I spent several hours on phone and several emails to support explaining my reasons with zero result. Very disappointed.

I have exactly the same problem as you. Zendesk just avoid the problem and send you with Microsoft, then Microsoft send you with the Xbox team, then the xbox team recommends you to ask for the refund, then the “refund” team just send you an automated message without any explanation and just denying the request. It’s actually so frustating to talk with this people. What it’s the most confusing is that people actually got a refund for this, why some of us can’t?

I agree with your frustrations. Microsoft should be ashamed of their response to this situation. In reality we are not asking for much- just a little fair treatment

I think we should try with some consumer defense at this point.

WOW…I was successfully using the product since July, now it will not properly update - I’ve wasted hours trying to resolve with online and live support, they keep transferring…this product is not worth the cost and the refund policy is against most laws in many jurisdictions…let me know when someone launches a mass protest…I’m in!!!

I have paid to watch an update progress bar move slowly across the screen. Every time there is a new download it can take from 2 to 7 days to have it completed! I would like a refund. I like the Sim, but I can not use it. If I had purchased a car and it was in the shop more then it was on the road in the first month or so i would be eligible for a refund under a lemon warrantee. Microsoft is giving me the run around. either get more servers so that it will download in less then a few days or give me my money back and I will go on my way.

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