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So, if I go to the Microsoft Store and purchase and download/install the Premium De Luxe version am I likely to get all I have paid for. When I did this two weeks ago I never got the Premium De Luxe part, and after a couple of days couldn’t boot the sim anyway. I uninstalled everything and have been waiting for these problems to be resolved by Microsoft. It seems that they have after the recent updates although some people are still reporting similar problems.

What is the position as of today as I dont want to attempt the download again and after another 5/6 hours have the same problems.

I would read this to make sure you did a clean uninstall before trying to download again.

I didnt have any real issues from the start, so didn’t have to uninstall, so not sure how you’ll make out, but since they patched it to fix download/install issues, it should be better.

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Why not giving another try?

I originaly had the sim installed on its own dedicated SSD drive. All those folders were deleted throught the normal uninstall procedure via Settings/Apps/ and uninstall. The files that were on my C drive I deleted manually, so I think I got everything

If you don’t follow the instructions as per the link provided then you might have issues. They are very clear in the steps you need to take in order to clean / fresh install.


Try it. Follow the post that @WTFAWASTE1234 posted about a clean uninstall. Also, if you have any overclocking on your PC, remove it.

Assure your VS C++ 2015-2019, MS Store App, XBOX App, Windows 10 (1909 or higher), graphics card are current before installing. Turn off any anti-virus/malware programs during the install.

That’s the key! Along with all software/drivers current :+1:t2:

Are you not the guy who said he was getting a full refund 5 days before the patch just to buy it again after to see if it was fixed? :smiley:

Thats a rhetorical question that is of no help to anyone.

All the othe respondants have tried to be helpful.

That should tell you something about yourself!

In fairness - in your previous post; i was telling you how ridiculous the notion of refunding a game to re-purchase in 5 days time when your refund would not have even been processed yet leaving you twice out of pocket for a small period of time rather than just waiting was. From your post i can see you only uninstalled and did not refund so i’m guessing my advice was helpful.

You are most welcome! :+1:

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