Purchased Madrid LEMD from Market Place will not download

Purchased LEMD by LVFR on Friday 14th May for £9.59.
It comes up in Content Manager as LEMD Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas Airport - Not Installed - Download Available(1.58GIB)
It wont Download and when I looked in Marketplace the product is not there.
How can I get a refund or get the product?

had the same problem, I purchased a few airports on promotion. look under creators LVFR ts still there although not on sale anymore. Reboot FS2020, go to marketplace and then content manager and look at your owned section, if you are lucky you should see Madrid as owned but not installed, install it, can take a while. let me know if that works

Thanks it is downloading now, I went into “Creators” and am downloading it from there.
However it gets to about 1.3 Gb of 1.58Gb and then starts again its on its third try now

ok, well at least you can prove you bought it. Ill check out some forums and see if there is a fix

LVFR Madrid MSFS on Marketplace


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LVFR Madrid MSFS on Marketplace

Post by RicardoLVFR » Fri Feb 19, 2021 1:16 am

Hi, if you are using LVFR LEMD bought from the MS marketplace, make note that you need to remove the ASOBO LEMD from the content manager for it to work correctly and avoid problems. Those who bought from our shop or simmarket don’t need to do that, its done automatically. Thanks!

Ricardo Morillo
Managing Director/Owner

i didnt realize that asobo had already done Madrid. I am happy with it though, especially the added landmarks in Madrid, I checked my content manager and I have both installed ???

Took 5 goes but finally it has downloaded.
#RicardoLVFR thanks I’ve done that.