Purchasing airplanes

why are the airplanes so expensive? i wawnt the DC6 or DC4 its 60 USD. i did purchase the deluxe edition. i thought it would come with all airplanes. i got 32 in my hanger. most are cessnas bummer.
is it possible to talk to ATC?
where can I DL airplanes for free? looking for Dc4, DC6

The DC-6, specifically, is essentially a sim within a sim and is highly complex. That kind of effort takes a significant amount of development and resources and warrants compensation.

The same goes for much of the aircraft and other add-ons.

Microsoft, essentially, sells the sim as a “loss leader” and subsidizes all of the content within it. That tends to give many of us the impression that everything should be as inexpensive, which isn’t fair or realistic.

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I’m not sure which part of this statement I find more bonkers. Buying the most expensive package without even taking a look at what you’re getting, or actually thinking that this package was going to include every aircraft ever made.


Well if you bought a third party steam 172 and the Cirrus you already covered the price from standard to premium deluxe. And a few updated airports… yada yada the ‘game’ itself pretty much just gives you the platform to build the world you want in it. If the only difference from standard to premium was just to add birds throughout the world I’d buy it.

I bought sim via Microsoft store. Not steam. I understand about the DC6 . Thank you. I will purchase it. I am looking for DC3 and or 4 as well

Sometimes these 3rd party developers have sales, and maybe you could get a 10% discount or more and save a little bit of money at the cost of just waiting until that happens.

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