Purple squares that dissapear


Microsoft version

No dev mode

Guys, I am having trouble with photogrammetry, purple squares keep showing up and disappearing on the scenery. Happens everywhere on the globe. Also causes CTD in some time.

Any solutions, or root cause available on the forums? I reinstalled the SIM, but still the same.

Some users are reporting this after updating their NVIDIA driver recently. See separate thread.

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Got it, thanks for the information!

I have the same issue.

There’s a poll somewhere on the forum, to report if new drivers caused problems for you.

Just make sure you drop in your vote there.

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I got exactly the same problems : blue squares on the ground and multiple crashes of fs2020 back to desktop.
Thanks in advance for your helpful action.


Thank you for reporting and welcome to the forum. You will find ‘ton’s’ of useful information here.



It’s only happened after the latest Nvidia driver update. Go back to 497.76 or whatever version you were on before and you won’t see the purple textures. It’s been logged as a known issue with the latest drivers.

You can download previous drivers here… just select your specific graphics card and OS version from the options.


Same for me