Purpose of Hangar

Hi, I’ve been playing with flight simulator for a week now, and I’m wondering what the purpose of the “Hangar” option is.

What I expected it to do is to allow you to select two or three of the available airplanes, configure each with your desired call sign, tail number, livery etc., and have a way to quickly select an aircraft with all its settings.

What it seems to do is simply display the last plane you flew in.

What’s the point of that? I’m wondering if I’m missing something.

It’s basically a plane showroom.
You can select any plane you own, and pan around the outside and within cockpit.

It’s not limited to the last plane you’ve flown - there’s a button at the bottom to ‘change plane’.


I think it’s really just there for Asobo to show off their planes, for example in exhibitions etc.

The sim pilots of course prefer to see them in the open air at a nice airport, or over a well-crafted city.

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