Pushback for A320 program opinions please

What do you guys think about the Pushback for A320 program? Is it worth getting? Just wanted some opinions… Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

What program?

There’s a program that just flight has that will pushback any plane.

30€ ist quite hefty for a pushback addon…

Did you give “pushback helper” a try? It’s free and has easy controls for pushback and other services, but is missing that voice communication part with the ramp agent.

Hi there, Where would I find the pushback helper?

Don’t want to say that they are comparable, it depends on your expectations and whether such a tool is worth 30€ for you with the additional features.

Thanks @Coppersens Coppersens for the info and help.

Do you mean FS2Crew’s Pushback Utility? I have not heard too much from simmer’s using the FS2Crew push-back, but FS2Crew have experience with voice communication software for Flight Simulation.

Also GSX is in the works for MSFS.

Hi, Yes that’s what I meant. Sorry

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I use FS2Crew Pushback Express. I would say I like it, it has potential and will get better, but not sure I’d buy it again right now.

I like how it has features to connect ground services, and it also has automatic timed sequences available for those services. That said, I don’t think they work that well. For example, sometimes I’ll manually connect the jet bridge and external power and a few minutes later they disconnect themselves. The developer on the forum actually said they have no control over when those services disconnect and it’s a scenery issue. That’s a weird limitation to me, but that’s what they say.

I think the pushback feature itself works really well, and I use that every flight. But as mentioned above, there are freeware mods available that probably have the same functionality or better.

Bottom line, I think there is value with FS2Crew Pushback Express, but maybe not for the current price. I hope it gets better in the future and some of the bugs are ironed out. My advice would be to watch some YouTube reviews for the different options available and make your decision based on that.

I tried the free version but didn’t like it…The one from flightsim.to

If you add some details why you didn’t like it, that would be helpful for people reading along.
Or even maybe help you in case there’s maybe some hints to use it better.

I really don’t know how to describe it. It was just a very simple program…But personally didn’t like it because of it’s simplicity but of course that’s my opinion…It was very limited to what It can do as compared to the paid version from FS2Crew.

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