Pushback issues in both vanilla and addon pushback express

Pushback vehicle does not start to to push a320 (fbw) when instructing from standard atc ground services menu or when using pushback express.

The vehicle makes connection with the a320 butthen starts to slow down and does not move anymore.

I have this issue two addon airports ebbr and fimp ( mauritius).

I have nottested it on the vanilla airports

Anyone had this issue as well ?

I had this problem earlier today with the default 747-8 at CYEG. At first I thought my 747 was too heavy for the tug…lol

I tried a few things, even unplugged/plugged back in my x52 pro…no go

So I exited the sim, restarted, and tried again…and no problems. First time that has happened to me.

Maybe test it then, it’s a quick check for you but so important to know. If that happens only with specific scenery or with only with the FBW mod, this issue is rather for the 3rd party category.

So try it with vanilla airports and/or unmodded A320neo to rule out the mods/addons to be the reason for your issues.

What you can try as well is to taxi somewhere else on the airport and press Left Shift + P for pushback and see if the pushback without a pusback truck works.

here is link you can download better Pushback Pushback Helper • Microsoft Flight Simulator

Same issue with PBE for me, happens more often than not. I feel that when you wait another 30 secs after the tug ‘connects’ it will push back all the way.

This isn’t Better Pushback. This is Pushback Helper. Completely different addon.

and is problem for you!??

Since I tried to upgrade mfs2020 with “Enhanced Ground Vehicles” from the flightsim.to website, I don’t have any ground vehicles anymore, so i have no longer groundservices. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Uninstall the mod?