Pushback tug should not park in path of the jetway


The pushback tug should not be parked at a 45 degree angle near the stopping point on the lead-in line. This generally puts the tug directly in the path of the jetway. Nothing should be parked in the vicinity of the jetway (usually have a protected area marked with RED lines)
The tug should be parked straight off the end of the lead-in line (in the same direction as the aircraft)

How many times must the moving jetway CRUSH the poor tug and driver! :wink:

Just in case I’ve confused anyone - this is what I mean.
I don’t think this would be very difficult to correct (hopefully) or someone can figure out an edit to a config file that will adjust the tug direction globally…

I also hope the ground crew gets some love in the future. Even though I would personally not give this a high priority.