Pushback Tug speed

When tug starts pushing, speed is way too slow.
Is there any way of varying the speed?

Release the parking brake.


Pushback speeds are normally quite slow for safety reasons. Pushing an aircraft back in a crowded terminal area or open tarmac is a risky business. Take the time to go over your cockpit setting to make sure everything is still as originally selected on your preflight. Of couse alternativey if it is a small A/C use the slew to place it where you don’t need a pushback.

Or you can do a powerback. turn on engine, and full reverse thrust…

Thanks for the replies guys, all sorted now.

Pushback is way too fast and unrealistic. How to slow it down ?
Fixed Base Sim B737 Prosim 3.22

Good to hear – would be even better to hear HOW you fixed it on your system, in case other have the same issue :wink: