Whenever I connect PXN-2113 joy stick to computer, MSFS shutdown. I dont know what’s happening behind…Other sims recognize PXN-2113 and works well. Thanks in advance.

Are you using the advance software it came with on Windows 10 Home edition? This software isn’t supported for that version of Windows.

PXN 2113 wired gamepad flying stick, advanced software, supports various custom adjustments and keyboard mapping. Suitable for PC/computer/laptop and compatible with Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 (Windows 10 Home Edition, Mac/Apple computer/Apple device is not supported).

Thank you for reply. No, I don’t use any kind of the advance software. PXN-2113 works well with X-Plane, P3D and FSX so far.

Solved. Just delete all of PXN-2113 drivers. That’s it.

Closing topic as OP has solved issue.