Pyrenees Foothills (LFBT to LFMP)

I have had a .PLN file from @meh1951 sitting on my desktop for nearly a month now, waiting for a day when I had enough time free for a decent sim session. Today was that day, and I took the Lionheart Trinidad TB21 for a cruise along the Pyrenees Foothills between Lourdes-Pyrenees (LFBT) and Rivesaltes (LFMP) as suggested in the topic France's border with Spain Wow!

The WU4 high resolution DEM creates for some specular scenic views along the GPS route, although I did turn off for an explore deeper into the mountainous valleys around river Ariège as I passed the town of Foix.

Thanks for sharing this route Rafone, I really enjoyed the discovery of this area! :fr:


nicer weather than I had last week. Cheers!

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Fantastic shots from your flight mate .

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Thanks for the kinds words! :slight_smile:

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