PZL-104 Wilga 35A | Got Friends

Day 1 purchase! Wow. This is looking fantastic!

Is that STOL barge something that can be downloaded somewhere? That looks like a fun challenge.

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Teke it here Poland Plock STOL Barge Landing » Microsoft Flight Simulator, enjoy!


Have a good weekend everyone! More news next week!



Does anyone happen to know where this photo was taken???


Misty Moorings, Alaska, USA :slight_smile:

Happy to be a paying customer!


Happy Friday Everyone!

Gurt Tractor has been hard at work processing the upcoming sounds for the WWISE Pack. We decided to share a little Sound Demo for you all.

Keep in mind, these are not fully processed and not even close to the amount of sounds recorded. We still have a lot of days left with audio processing.

REMINDER: OohCando and Got Friends will be doing a special Livestream tomorrow where we do the 1st LIVE REVEAL of the Wilga during an Alaskan Bush Trip. We will be discovering some great scenery by our partner, Emerald Scenery Design and talking about/highlighting a ton of features! More information will be posted soon about the stream start time (Saturday, September 24th)

Enjoy this video and the Weekend!


Approved. You can release the Wilga now.


Not only does Gurt Tractor have an awesome name, he’s also an awesome audio engineer. Really high quality stuff right there.


i did what i never did before. set sound of youtube 100%(that i did, but only when flight) usally 15-25% and general sound from 66 to 99. that’s was loud lol but that’s was cool :slight_smile:

We were totally blown away with what he captured. Some of the dynamic range on those mics were insane. He got synced audio from the interior on his zoom while his dad was outside with the other F6. Great ground runs with the full RPM range, every last knob, switch, and handle we could imagine. Overall I think he said he captured a solid 95% of what was planned across the few days he was there. The last few items are ones he plans to folly with a few homebrew solutions.

Really excited to share more in regards to sounds with you soon but as you can imagine, recording across multiple channel for each mic, even just 1 hour could turn into 30 hours worth of items to sift through clean up, EQ and master.


Official Gameplay Reveal
Special Bush Variant & Trip in Alaska

11:30am EST
Hosted by OohCando!

Twitch: Watch oohcando with me on Twitch! Twitch


Notice bush tires! Standard Wilga looks really nice with those kind of tires even if its not the Draco :blush:!

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Just a reminder to anyong following this thread, oohcando is live with the Wilga NOW!


Still live, otherwise can watch the VOD on his channel later; Twitch

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Not a single comment on how it flies in that stream.


I remember him talking for a about it flying “like no other addon” but he didn’t elaborate on what that meant.

The Twitch stream was not great. All it did was dampen my interest and expectation a little which is a shame.

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For me was nice! Personally I cant wait for final version (with the soundpack too) and the full package. Maybe the twich was too long so honestly, I was watching it with breaks, I had lunch, dinner and the twich was still going on. :laughing: But model is very nice and has many details and real features, looks like it will be my favorite plane in MSFS for next months or years even :slight_smile: .

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Definitely there were some comments, how it fly. He also showed power off stol. But you have right. I expected more.