Q&A canceled - any update on it?

Hi Asobo,
Two weeks have passed since the Q&A was canceled … Can we finally find out the exact reasons? We only know that one of the members could not attend …

I think “because they didn’t feel like it” should be a valid reason enough?


“because they didn’t feel like it" is certainly a good enough reason for me.

It’s also my reason for so many things “MSFS”. so I must be in good company.


I suspect the update is that there is likely to be an update when they are in a position to give an update. :relieved:

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Well, they should have a good reason for this delay (cough cough updates)

Spicy!!! And from a Forum Moderator no less.


Not feeling like it sounds a lot like hiding away from the tough questions they likely have no answers for. Not a good look at all. Imagine first responders not feeling like it. Come on man! Gotta do better than that. A simple statement can go a long way.


I mean,I get it but I don’t really think they need to give any exact reasons for internal scheduling changes.

An update on when it will be, perhaps, would be nice, but getting into specifics about what internal dialogue and events triggered the delay? Yeah that’s internal business affairs as far as I’m concerned.

Wouldn’t mind a word on approximately when to expect it though


If I recall correctly, they said the cancellation was due to a panel member being unavailable and they’ve announced it’s on the 29th.

They rescheduled at least for those did not know.


At this point and time I couldn’t care less when they do it tbh. All we get is some marketing nonsense, get a trailer where the sim is not looking like it will ever look, see how unpleasant questions are dodged and then some promises that do not come to pass. I am kind of done with that. It always follows the same scheme.

I am not saying that the sim has not improved in the past. It certainly has. Especially after the SU5 debacle, but the answers from the Q&A panel before SU5 and its actual result showed some hmm lets say disparity…


They’ve rescheduled it for the 29th, and said the reason was a member wasn’t available. I very much doubt they’re going to go into the specifics of why they weren’t available, or the exact inner workings of their company.

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Not would any rational commentator expect them to. Nevertheless an update discussion is welcome. :relieved:

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That should be put in #community:news-and-announcements

They really should give time in UTC for these events as well


I agree with all you say, still I’ll watch it :slight_smile: I actually enjoy the Q&A’s :smiley:

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I used to be a huge fan of the Q&A’s, but the past few ones I’ve noticed the same things as you have listed, which is unfortunate.

Their weekly bugs and feature request lists in their dev updates also seem to be frozen and haven’t seen any progress for a long time, which leads me to believe that the plan they are following (gamifying the sim) and the plan they are presenting to us is very different, and it’s pretty evident which one they’re following.


I suspect we are asking things they can’t/don’t want to answer.

‘Gamifying’ is a good step, it broadens the user base and provides more money. The plan of more activities, air racing, Top Gun, is entirely consistent with that and it’s what they have said they will do. Not everyone has to do that, fly your way.

So yes it’s clear they are following it and I’m looking forward to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Interesting how your views always align with Microsoft’s.