Why, it is so long between the moment of the release of the video on twich and the uploading on youtube?
Wouldn’t it be possible to put it online so that it is accessible the next day? Because for people who don’t speak English, we have the possibility with youtube to translate your lyrics, and I find it a pity to be kept in the loop, long after the release on TWICH.

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Hi @Jummivana
please, if you have 2 minutes to devote to me, my request does not seem to interest many people! a priori, I must be the only one in the world of simulation not to speak English, but if you could answer me why or at best see with Microsoft that it broadcasts earlier :innocent: :grinning: :blush:

We are going to upload the video today with subtitles. Standby.

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Thank you, but otherwise, why so many gaps?

the video is available on youtube since 5 mn ! :slight_smile:
but still too early for the translation :frowning: tomorrow should be good while youtube is processing it.

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