Q2 Vs G2

Here’s my dilemma. I have the following machine
Predator 3000 P03-620 10700
64 GB ram
Nvidia RTX 2070 Super GDDRV1
Core i7
Hope I’ve posted this in the right area, if not I’m sorry.
I have bought the Q2 about 2 weeks ago and have been playing around with getting settings all sorted out. I know its a mind game trying to get it right. But I’m at the point of saying screw this setup. It’s just a real hassle trying to get it looking good where I am pleased with the visual look of it. Plus all the playing around with Oculus settings, Oculus tray tool settings. Some help and some don’t , then things go all snaky and have to start again, delete Oculus and reload. Then set things up again. A real pain . So I’m thinking I can return the Q2 as I’m still able to and get the G2. Its a few hundred dollars more but would it be worth it with the machine I have or am I dreaming. I’ve read all kinds of posts saying the Q2 is just as good and others saying go for the G2. I’ve been through the posts of setting up the Q2 and all its settings but it sure seems a pain in the butt when a lot of it doesn’t help out much. I’ve read where guys get the G2 and its a little bit of fine tuning but it works. If that’s the way it works on the G2 then I’ll just get one. Can you guys who know a lot more than me about computers tell me if my machine is capable of running the G2 and I’ll get better results than all this fooling around I’m doing with the Q2. I’m kind of at a crossroads here on what I should do. I can always return the G2 if it doesn’t work out and go back to the Q2 and put up with all this fiddling around i have to do. Please help me out. And thank you all. I love this group and have learnt a lot on here. I’m not new to flight sim as I’ve had them from when they first came out.

G2 user here…can’t speak for the Q2, but you will still be twerking settings regardless. It’s just the way the sim is at this moment. Just hope Asobo starts optimizing the sim after Xbox launch. In other games, the G2 is amazing.

I was wondering about that. But is it as bad as all the extra programs that you have to have to tweak. I’ve had guys say it really works good from the get go. I only will use the headset for the sim. Nothing else.

In my experience both headsets require a lot of tweaking. The out-of-the -box experience can be pretty disappointing if not downright terrible. That said, I was a very early adopter (I bought both headsets as soon as they were available) so a lot may have changed with all of the updates and fixes that have been released for each.

I decided to stay with the G2 for MSFS due to its more clear visuals and better comfort and fit for my head. I am very happy with my setup now.

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