Queenstown to Milford Sound, NZ

I did this as a test flight to try out a VA I am trying. Wow :heart_eyes:

Props to https://www.reddit.com/user/rob54613 for the lovely livery.

Wow, I did the same tour one week ago - but turned out to a horrible trip thanks to live weather :slight_smile: I started in Queenstown and decided spontaneously to fly down Lake Wakatipu (Glenorchy / Paradise as in your screenshot). I was flying very low altitudes to see as much as I can and crossed the mountains to the south on a pass with a lake just a couple feet above ground - just to dig into a dense soup of fog on the other valley. I flew only VFR, so my orientation points were the tree tops- crashed almost twice on suddenly appearing steep mountains in front of me… took me 20 Minutes to find my way to the shore and I was already out of breath, when during approach Milford Sound my whole Cessna was full of ice, almost no visibility… again… It was very hard :slight_smile: But in the end I made it to land safely- I even recorded some videotakes. It was awesome! I want to do a whole NZ bushtrip, maybe we can do sth like this together? I spend there once one year and know a lot of places =)

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