Quest 2 Help

I am checking to see if anyone can give me maybe a baseline to start on using Quest 2. First here are my specs:

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor
AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT (super resolution, anti-lag, chill, etc all disabled)
Windows 11
MSFS on Steam
Link Cable

Btw - I have spent more time on this in the last 5 days than my wife, job, and doing my taxes…I am really in the weeds with all 3. So now I am begging for MSFS settings.

That being said, I just can’t seem to get a good combo on what to run on Oculus 2, Steam, MSFS. I have run so many combos but can’t seem to get decently smooth performance. I have also tried Virtual Desktop, Oculus Tray, Openxr, and Oculus Debug. I get really good smooth play (35-45 fps NYC & DC) when on monitor with most settings ultra, but everywhere I go in VR is just not smooth and jittery.

Any recommendations with my setup would be GREATLY appreciated. I understand I will need to do my own tweaking, but if I could just get a starting point. Maybe what platform I should be running the game on, what tools to use, etc…

Since VR requires roughly double (and a little more for special image processing ) the CPU/GPU power (due to stereo eye viewpoints) that you use for nonVR, it’s best to reduce your MSFS settings for a test setup (medium airport and simple plane) so that you get maybe 60 to 70 FPS with a full screen (HD=1920x1080) setting. Then you will generally have more success with VR where you might get 25 to 30 FPS at best. OXR Toolkit can give you some additional performance but not too much. I set my Oculus PC app for 72Hz@4864x2448 and hope to get either 24 ( or rarely 36 ) FPS.

Most settings for VR should be on high. On a RTX 3080ti (which is about as good as it gets as of today) you could expect 30 to 40 fps depending on conditions.

I actually can’t see improvements in VR anyway when setting Ultra.

Thanks SearBreak225638. I will work on getting the full screen monitor side more FPS and then switch over to the VR side. There are just so many variables involved especially without an extremely high end computer.

Just a suggestion - have you tried using the sim’s default VR setting? I would try that first, then if it works well enough start adjusting to taste and testing after each adjustment. You will have problems reading gauges etc at the default VR and will need to up the render scale (100% is a good compromise, I find), for example.

edit - I don’t know how my system compares to yours - I have an i5 9600k at 4.3GHz with 32GB DDR4 and a RTX2080Ti and I get an average 34fps and usually very smooth after the first couple of minutes, which the sim seems to need to get everything loaded and settled.

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