Quest 2, link, interesting way to stabilize VR

I don’t know if this has been discussed here, but in the group on FB i saw a post with an interesting way to improve VR.
The principle is to use Msi afterburner to fix the voltage of the cgu at the optimum level, close to max, in order to get a mhz always at the level chosen. In this way the cgu doesn’t vary and doesn’t create stutters or flashy images in the quest 2.
I did a trial and was able to get more than 1 hour flight with an excellent image, very smooth, even when moving head aside, maybe first time i get so stable perf and quality.
My conf is rtx 3070, ryzen 2600, m2 for msfs.
Everything at last patch and version level.
Fps rate was not impressive but stable at 20, everything set at ultra in msfs.
If anybody interested i can try to give the links i used.

Mind sharing your settings? Quest/OTT/Nvidia/In Game

Interesting… I used to fix my processor voltage due to overclocking, but never did that on GPU (I also have RTX 3070 Oc)

Do you had already the “Optimize for better performance” setting ON in the NVidia Control Panel for MSFS? If not set, I know it can fluctuate depending GPU loading…

ok, so here is the procees i followed to set the voltage, no need to do all benchmarks, once MSIAfterburner is running you can see the curve voltage/mhz, i just took a point where the curve start going flat.

and for all parameters MSFS, NVIDIA, Quest 2, ODT i follow this post

tell me if u achieve better results too :slight_smile:

nota : the 1st post doesn’t list the RTX 3xxx but it works the same way apparently, the goal is not to overclock, but to set up and fix the levels of voltage/Mhz

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