Quest 2 Noob: Expectations vs Reality

if the display quality in vr is very important to you (it is to me) you won’t regret it.

I’d might have to try this and see. I had bought MSFS through Steam so maybe Ill give it a shot I just need to figure out as the computer I’m on and room I’m in doesn’t have wired ethernet. Might have to run a long cable to test lol. I do have Virtual Desktop and Airlink but twill give it a shot. Appreciate letting me know going to try this out as well.

Definitely made an improvement last night! I can live with this but will continue to test this, appreciate the feedback, it definitely was better!

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I tried the VD, didn’t like it one bit. I may not have had everything set up correctly, but wow, I couldn’t be in it for more than 30 seconds before my eyes started to hurt. How are folks configuring steam VR? Do you still need to do anything with the Oculus windows software?

Yeah I know the feeling.VR is just another thing. No need for home cockpit with VR. And the great thing about VR vs home cockpit is, it’s a fraction of the price (and also far less running costs) and you are not commited to just one aircraft.
I too am using Quest 2 and have been using it with a 9900k GTX 1070 ti and 32 GB DDR4 combo. And i must say I was able to set it up with satisfying results. I could easily read most of the FBW A320NX instruments and flyable even at payware aiports like EGPH or EGPF.
Tommorow my 3080 ti is scheduled to arrive and I can’t wait to see whats possible if my GTX 1070 ti was already able to give me an acceptable and flyable experience.
Monitor mode will just never be the same again. I can only see myself doing airliner flights in 2D, but no more going back for VFR/GA flying.

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Definitely must have had something set wrong. Just took this a few minutes ago. No other tool (oculus, ODT, OTT, etc…). You will see that I just activate VD in headset then activate VR in MSFS. Steam VR starts when my PC starts.
I recorded this through the Quest recording tool, so it’s eating a few cycles and only recording 1 eye, so this is only 1/2 FOV and recorded in 720p. Clouds on Ultra. Steam VR 3292x3408 MSFS rendering 100%. So looks better through the headset than it does in this recording. For instance, through the display, there were much more cars clearly visible on the hwy at about the 3:15 mark.

5950x 3080Ti
32gb 1TB NVME
Asus x570mb

I think everyone appreciates all the input and contributions…
However, when a personal system spec is not provided, it’s useless.
Meaning, the only way it works if you compare apple2apples as best as possible.

Best to just put your specs in Profile signature.

My system Hardware Specs
Oculus Quest 2 - Using Oculus Airlink

Windows 11 Pro - Latest build to date
OS on SSD drive
Mother Board
Z390 AORUS PRO WIFI (rev. 1.0)
32GB Patriot Viper Gaming RGB Series DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz
Intel i7-9700K - Overclocked in Bios to 4.8Ghz (Liquid cooled)
32Gb 3200hz Ram
NVIDIA Gigabyte RTX 2080 Gamer OC
Overclocked using Asus GPU Tweak II

Can someone tell me if “Link sharpening” only works with Air Link or if it also helps if I use an Oculus Link cable?

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