Quest 2 not detected after Reverb G2 play

Hi guys, I’ve been gaming with the Quest 2 and recently just got the Reverb G2. Now MSFS doesn’t detect the Quest 2 when I tried to switch it back. I unplugged the G2, rebooted, and still doesn’t work for wireless Virtual Desktop and wired Oculus Link. Any suggestions on how to solve this? Thanks!

I had the same issue for a long time. I finally solved it by unplugging the G2 whenever I wanted to use the Quest 2. Evidently they don’t like to share the same sandbox.

Unplug the power or the USB or both? It’s not working for me. :pensive:

I just unplug the cable from the breakout box and leave it unplugged while using the Quest 2. I leave the USB and the display cables plugged in.

I just figured it out. You have to go to SteamVR settings under developer and set “SteamVR” as “Current OpenXR Runtime”

Cool! Thanks for sharing the solution.

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