Quest 2 Oculus Link new Oculus update stops VR working

Anyone else had an Oculus beta update and it stops VR working, just get flashing in double screen on pc monitor and quest 2 shows random dots like a memory issue.

Reinstalled windows and FS2020 and still have it.

I use link and oculus as bought through MS not steam

Do you mean the update that I saw install a few hours ago? I haven’t used the sim yet today, will test. yesterday it was totally fine for me.

I assume you tried disabling the oculus beta before reinstalling the entirety of windows and FS2020…?!!

Yes I tried going back to 26, but had gone onto beta as 26 had the flash every second. Now I cannot get it to work with virtual desktop or steam vr, so going back to Track IR for a while.

Was really singing the praises of V27 beta as was working the best ever with no need for OTT etc.

I have tried using link and VD with other apps and they all work fine, do not think it is an issue with my Quest 2. At least 2D FS2020 works fine

Just finished a couple of hours of flying, hopping between lands end and St Mary’s in the TBM, Grand Caravan and 172, no issues for me I’m afraid! Dare I say… best performance i’ve ever had!

Sorry not much help for you… suggests some kind of conflict on your PC.

Happened to me too with the new update. When I would Ctrl-tab it would go to VR but the Oculus home screen was superimposed on my cockpit and would occasionally flash. Impossible to fly like that. Very strange.

I turned off beta and reverted to the previous update and drivers and everything is back working like a champ.

Update: I turned beta back on and reloaded the beta update and new drivers just to see what would happen. To my surprise MSFS ran perfectly in VR with none of the issues described above. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what happens next time I fly. Very strange behavior since I’ve had no problems with MSFS or Oculus other than the white flashes which everybody seemed to have had with the old update.

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This is interesting!

What CPU and GPU are you guys running? I’m AMD 5800x and NVIDIA 3070.

I wonder if it’s a hardware specific bug?

I’m running a 3080, 8700k, Quest 2 with oculus branded cable and my oculus link is constantly crashing, only in MSFS 2020, P3Dv5 and X-plane work fine for me. Driving me bonkers yo say the least. VR is virtually useless to me in MSFS as it is.

My system go crashing with v27 beta. Downgrade to v26 official works fine (26-32 fps), but there is the “flash bug” occasionally (not every second).
Quest 2 on i7 gen8, 32GB and Radeon RX580

@NorfolkBumpkin @Mikey3583TX are you guys both Intel as well?

I know four people don’t make a pattern but I wonder if it could be an Intel + oculus bug?

One of you will now tell me you’re running an AMD CPU and that’ll blow my idea out the water…

I’m also having a strange issue but I’m curious if anyone else has seen this… I was up until today using Virtual Desktop since I thought the performance was better. Originally I used LInk…

So today I go to update everything and switch back to link after reading the v27 update did wonders. Sure enough, visually things look sharper and clearer! However, I’m now running into a weird issue that’s difficult to explain. It’s almost like there’s a distortion (Wave) that when I turn my head quickly I can see across my screen. I didn’t experience this with VD. It’s a very strange thing… guess I’m most disappointed because Link now looks clearer than VD, but not sure what to do about this issue. Anyone else having the same thing?

Mine is Ryzen 2700 and 1660 super, strange thing for me was rolling back to R26 etc does not work either. But until the oculus 27 beta update everything was fine on the previous 27 beta and was actually so good I did not need OTT etc. Was so frustrated I reinstalled Windows and oculus and fs2020 with same result. So flying now with TrackIR, but feels so inferior to VR

Well, it did it to me again. After going back to beta yesterday and having a perfect flight I loaded everything up today and the issue had returned.

I’m reverting back to the last version and putting up with the occasional flash until this issue is resolved.

After reading a few posts they mentioned ATC window and I had taken it to another screen. So for me the fix was to click the COGwheel in menu and click reset panels. Then the flickering stops and VR works again.

Others mention disabling the ATCMenu in the menu as well

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