Quest 2 or Reverb G2 Purchase Decision

So, firstly, I know there are other posts comparing these two headsets, but I also have seen that Quest 2 has had updates this year and the link etc has improved. So I wanted to share my buying dilema and see what people think…

I am from the UK and have a Desktop PC that is new, 3090, 12900k 64gb DDR5 Ram.

I am currently in the USA and have my Dell XPS Laptop with a 3060 and have been using it for FS a little. A friend leant me their Quest 2 to try out, and while It works, the smoothness is not brilliant and it is a bit blurry on the instruments and screens.

I know I cant judge it by this performance as the laptop is ok, but I assume not enough to get a good performance from it. I am just using the link over the air option.

So, in the US right now the G2 is $299 which is a great price.

I like the freedom of the quest but the G2 seems to get the nod in terms of quality. That being said, the larger sweet spot and wider FOV is better in the Quest?

So, how much better is the G2 in their current states? Should I be expecting to read the screens and dials clearly if I get the Quest?

Lastly, I already have 4 monitors running on my PC at home. I have a USBC spare; if I get the G2 can I use a USBC to Display port adapter to run it?

Oh, and lastly, how can I know if I am getting the Reverb G2 V2? Buying new from HP would it be safe to assume it is that version?

All thoughts and recommendations very welcomed. I have been watching lots of videos and reading as much as I can, but I like to ask directly based on my situation.

Personal opinion here… :slightly_smiling_face:

I have both HMD’s, and play two games in VR, FS2020 and Elite Dangerous. I use the Quest for ED and the G2 for FS2020. For me, trying the Quest is FS2020 I couldn’t read the cockpit controls well at all, but with the G2 they are really very good and in most cockpits I don’t even need to use the VR zoom to see things clearly.

You’ll almost certainly be getting the V2 Reverb and $299 is a very good price. You’ll be able to tell when you get it as the V2 has a small button on the power block that lets you turn it on or off.

FOV is better in the Quest, but to be honest I don’t notice it in FS2020. Or I should say it doesn’t bother me in FS2020.

I have a 3080 and get pretty good performance with the G2. I use the Quest for ED mainly because that game isn’t well optimized for VR (or anything really! :neutral_face: ), and while obviously I would prefer the sharpness / clarity that I can get with the G2 I have to reduce graphics settings a lot to get decent performance with it but can run the Quest at VR Ultra settings (talking ED here), and I don’t need the clarity to read dials and displays as I do in FS2020.

I had a V1 Reverb that would often go black for a period of time in FS2020, sometimes crashing the game, but that has happened very rarely with the V2, and touch wood no CTD’s (although I should say that I don’t play all that often at the moment, but did an hour or so flight earlier today and had no more than one very short, 2 seconds or so blackout but not CTD).

Also, I find Quest link to be pretty flaky, it’ll often disconnect especially if I take the HMD off to look at something and then I have to start everything over again, as just reconnecting it doesn’t return you to the game.


Thanks so much for the detailed answer. I think reading the dials and screens in the cockpit is of huge importance to me actually, so it sounds like the G2 will be the one.

I hope with my 3090 I can push it to a decent setting but I understand that VR is an experience over the best fidelity.

I am still attracted by the wireless of the Quest, but I think if I am really only using it for Flight Simulator then the G2 is going to be the answer… just got to hope I can make space in my bag for it on the way back!

I also just saw you can get prescription lenses for it, which I would LOVE compared to having to try to wear my glasses in there.

You should get pretty good performance with a 3090, I’m pretty happy with what I get with the 3080. But yes, with VR you are really in the plane. I’d played ED in VR for a while so the concept wasn’t new, but the first time I took off in a Cessna 152 in VR, well, then I was flying!

You can indeed get prescription lenses for the G2 and they are well worth it. I got mine from a company called WidmoVR and have been very happy with them. There’s a bunch of other companies that do them too. (You need to give them your distance prescription if you use bi / vari focals.)

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Wish I had gotten my Reverb G2 V2 earlier. I don’t know of this USB-C adapter thingy, I just plugged in both DP and USB-C connectors into an empty slot at the back of my PC and the headset connector into the headset ( duh ). It’s one cable. Running an RTX 3080 on a Ryzen 5900X, 32GB. Most stuff on high. Performance so good I am only reading the info about the new gen cards from a distance. They will have to bring something special to the table in order for me to upgrade my - already quite expensive - setup.

In a perfect world, my GPU would have had 16GB of memory. The 10GB on the 3080 is on the low side for MSFS. That is why no ultra textures.

I have a 3090 and a G2 V2. Yes if you order from HP you will receive the V2. I am happy with mine except for 2 things that I don’t care for about it. The cord that attaches the headset to the computer is very stiff and hard to manage and there is a little clip that clips the cord to the head band that in my opinion is a bad design. It pops off all the time. Other than those two little gripes, I really like the headset. I can read the instruments just fine and I keep the settings on ultra or high for the most part.

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I have both, you want Reverb G2 for MSFS.
got Quest 2 initially, great headset, but it never ran well in msfs.
got Reverb G2 (used to be $600) and never looked back!


This seems to be the consensus. I dont like missing out on some features of the Quest, but in reality I am almost exclusively going to use it for Flight Sim, so the G2 is the best

$299 sounds like a great price for the G2. Still £600+ in the UK!

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Yeah, I had a look at Uk as would be easier to just have it delivered there, but nothing like the same pricing. Just gonna have to make room in my bag for it coming back, I am sure I dont need clothes…

They’re a sound investment. To be honest, I found that I could wear my glasses inside the G2 fairly comfortably (unlike some of the other headsets). Still - bought a set from ‘VR Optician’ in Germany and they’re brilliant … even with a fairly extreme prescription. Definitely a worthwhile investment!

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Brilliant thanks. I have just been looking at 5/6 different options and to see who can get delivery the quickest for the best price etc. VR optician actually looks the best, so good to know the quality is good, thanks

I have a Quest 2 working fine on Dell XPS 8940 with RTX3060ti. But for better quality I am looking at the HP V2 reverb. I would like to show friends the wonders of MSFS so my question is can the Quest 2 and the reverb both run at the same time ie the quest 2 for a copilot and the reverb for me. Any info much appreciated.

I cant help with that dual option really. What settings do you use to get best performance on your laptop?

My feeling is that any laptop GPU is going to be super strained running 2 VR headsets, and that is if it is even technically possible. Its not ideal, but you could always fly using the on screen image and let them ‘look around’ in the headset

The HP 8940 is a PC. and along with the RTX3060ti it has 64gb ram so it eats MSFS and Oculus 2. My interest is in running 2 headsets to have a co-pilot. Also I want better quality. Hence thinking of the G2. But I cant afford two G2s so I am wondering if MSFS can cope with an Oculus 2 and a G2 at once.

Your suggestion of using he screen image I have done. But it is difficult to keep control as the image is in stereo, smaller and the guest keeps having a look around at the lovely view usually just as you want them to look straight ahead as you try to land the aircraft.

I tried this and it didn’t seem to work. Had both the Reverb and the Quest set up, opened MSFS, went into VR and only the Reverb showed MSFS, the Quest stayed in the link screen.

Wasn’t a particularly scientific test and I didn’t spend any significant time trying to get it to work so cannot say categorically that it wouldn’t be possible, but certainly doesn’t appear that it would be straightforward.

I strongly recommend the Reverb G2. The clarity and sharpness inside the aircraft is a lot better than the Quest 2 and the Quest pro. I have all three and I have to lean forword to read the panel with the quest pro and quest 2.

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That’s great thanks. Even better than the quest pro? Given the price of that I would have expected it to be a step up from the g2. Very interesting

Quest pro is shaper and brighter but it also can’t keep up with your graphic card because of link cable. The link cable limits your graphics also. My graphic settings are set higher when I fly with the G2 compared to the pro.

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