Quest 2 or Reverb G2 Purchase Decision

Probably depends on your PC specs and for wireless, your router/wifi setup. With my QP/i9 9900k/rtx3090 with OpenXR Toolkit at fsr/90%, the cockpit details are clear as a bell, even with dlss/quality and I have no problem maintaining 45fps flying a heli in NYC. This is wireless with Air Link and the bitrate set to 200mbps Fixed. Bit better/clearer/smoother than my Q2.

I don’t have a Reverb G2 but my QP is even a bit better than my Vive Pro1 with the same settings including SteamVR visuals at 160%. I’ve already seen a number of guys with rtx3090 gpu’s parking their Reverb G2’s in favour of a QP. Each to their own I guess.

I got a i9 10850/rtx 3080ti and I tried OpenXR toolkit also. I have tried both TAA and Dlss/quality. the scenry looks sharp, clear and smooth except NYC is horrible. I have not done the bitrate but I will try it. I brought the D-Link but it does not work with the PRO yet. I have a mesh wifi system and air link does not work with neither my quest 2 or pro.
Also did you use oculus tray to change your bitrate?

For what it is worth, this is my recent experience with the Quest 2 and Meta/Oculus. I had the Quest for about 14 months when the Airlink started to act up. Sometimes working, sometimes not before it finally packed in. I then tried a cable link. Again same result. So I contacted Meta help. After 48 emails back and forth with different operators, each asking for more obscure information, I was getting nowhere. I got the impression that none of them knew what they were talking about, and I was just being messed about until I finally gave up. A quick look on the Meta forum showed that this was not an exception, but the normal way that Meta handles its help line. I then asked for a replacement headset only to be told to go back to the firm that I bought it from as Meta did not want to know. As I had bought it from Amazon US, I gave up at this stage and bought my current Reverb from System Active. Who incidentally gave excellent service and even supplied it at the old price, which was a considerable saving. Not directly related to VR but since I deleted all the Oculus/Meta apps from my PC this forum has come back online whereas before I was just getting an error message when I tried to log on. Also, among other things, all of a sudden my Facebook account has reverted to pre Oculus and a lot of contacts that I thought lost have reappeared. In light of the above, I would advise anybody considering buying a Quest to be very wary.

I recently moved from the Quest 2 to the HP G2 for msfs and it was a good improvement.

Like everyone else says the clarity (at least in the middle of the image) is much better. But, what I really noticed was the huge difference in sound. It sounds so much better - those off ear speakers give much better immersion. First time I was really aware of the sound of the wind on the ground.

I still use my Quest for Oculus games and like it for that. If you want to do more than just sim in VR, then the Quest might be a better option.

How is the Quest Pro with glare, especially night flying? The Fresnel lenses in the G2 drive me crazy with the way they get edge glare.

Have you tried overscaling the render resolution to match the G2? The way the sim renders VR it seems required to bump render resolution up to the limits of an RTX 4090.

Other than the lenses, most of the QP features don’t seem too beneficial for just the sim.

So I have all three headsets, Quest 2, Reverb G2 and the Quest Pro. I currently use a 10850K, 32GB, 3090 setup but I’m awaiting delivery of a 13900K, 4090 setup.

If value is a factor and your main interest is MSFS, get the Reverb G2 fro $299, honestly it makes no real difference if you get the G2 V1 or V2.

V2 has three advantages, better facial interface, better cable with breakout box that has on/off switch and better tracking volume thanks to the cameras being placed slightly differently.

The first two advantages are negligible as you can easily fix them yourself. Just buy VRCover’s facial interface which is super comfy and gives a nice FOV and if you do get the V1 just call HP and tell them you have horizontal lines on your screen when looking at blue skies. They will send you out the new cable free of charge to fix this ‘issue’.

You can’t do anything about the tracking volume improvement, but honestly, if you want to play active PCVR games, you should get a Quest 2 as well as the tracking and controllers are way better, and you can play wirelessly if you want.

I no longer use either headset as I find the Quest Pro a considerable step up in overall visual quality over both headsets, but I wouldn’t recommend you spend £1500 on a Quest Pro, it’s a real enthusiast’s headset, and only worthwhile if VR if your passion like me.

The G2 is a huge step up from the Quest 2 in MSFS, offering significantly better comfort, visuals and audio, although I’d still rather use the Quest 2 for active games like Beat Saber, Half Life Alyx etc.

The biggest downside of the G2 is its frankly terrible edge to edge clarity , but in MSFS it doesn’t matter as the sim is slow paced and you will get used to just moving your head rather than your eyes.
In active games where you’re physically moving around a lot more I’d take the lower resolution of the Quest 2 but its much better lenses, but that’s subjective.

If you did have the money for the Quest Pro you can get it looking much better than the Reverb G2, but it takes a powerful PC to do so. Using the official link cable after much tweaking I have the Quest Pro looking about as 95 percent as sharp as the G2 in the very centre, and about 200 percent better everywhere else. The panels are also brighter, and the colour palette more vivid, but if you are doing a lot of flying around the UK the relative dimness of the G2, its more muted colour pallete and general blurryness outside of the central clarity cone actually mask some of the deficiencies of MSFS itself, the Quest Pro is so clear running at 5408 x 2736 and the lenses so good that it picks up all the bad textures when flying over sub optimal ortho imagery.

That said, the cockpits look much better, the FOV is considerably larger and you can pick out far more detail in the image because the G2 is only sharp in a tiny area in the centre. It is a bit sharper than the Pro however, so the distant horizon looks better, but not good enough to compensate for its other weaknesses, but that is again subjective. The G2 is more comfortable than the Pro and has great audio in MSFS, which is what I miss most now I’ve given it up.

But in your situation, just buy the G2, it’s a steal at $299 and if you get the V1 it doesn’t matter for MSFS, and I’d still not recommend it for general PCVR anyway so the slightly better tracking on the V2 doesn’t really mean a great deal.


I have a similar setup to you. It took me a couple weeks to get my settings to where it now exceeds my G2 overall.
First off, the OpenXR Toolkit worked dreadully with my Pro, causing all kinds of shimmering. I think it’s because I have sharpening enabled in the Oculus Debug Tool and the toolkit’s NIS or FSR scaling really interfered with that. Now I have uninstalled the toolkit it works much better.

To compensate for the lower resolution relative to the G2 I run it at its maximum resolution of 5408 x 2736 with 100 percent render resolution in the sim itself.
My Oculus debug settings are as follows;

Encode bitrate 400
Encode width 3600
Distortion curvature = low
Sharpening = enabled
ASW = Automatic

I’m using the official link cable plugged into a USB-C gen 2 port on the back of the motherboard.
My specs are 10850k, 32Gb, 3090.

The results are that it now looks better overall than my G2, mainly FOV, brightness, especially the sunlight reflecting off water or light beams into the cokpit which are way better than the G2, and the awesome edge to edge clarity. Being able to see the whole scene with my eyes without turning my head is a revelation.

That said the G2 still wins in some areas, audio being the biggest, and the central clarity lets you pick out distant horizon details a little better, although I’ve now spent so much time in the Pro that when I use the G2 it takes me 10 minutes to remember where to look inside the headset to make out the clarity, it’s so blurry to me now if I just move my eyes a fraction.

I’m currently flying in the Pro with DLSS Quality, which looks ok but I hate the DLSS blur and the ghosting is causes on certain objects like flocks of seagulls in FSBirds etc.

If I switch to TAA it looks much better, but I can’t run it at a stable frame rate which is why I’ve spent another £4200 on a 13900k, 4090, 64GB powerhouse to run it properly.

In fairness I wanted to upgrade for the G2 as well, although I notice the performance struggling more in the Pro so it’s tipped me into that direction.


I set my oculus debug to your settings and it works great but NYC is still very bad. what are your in game settings. My system is similar to yours. 3989ti / 10850 / 32 ram.

I have a G2 now, earlier used a Q2.

The Q2 has much better sweetspot and tracking. The clarity is acceptable, but far away from G2. I also think that the oculus software for the Q2 is much better than WMR. Even at low fps (around 30) I had a fluid game. The G2 needs much higher fps to eliminate stuttering (at least 40). So for the G2 you need a very high end PC.

The G2 is crystal clear but has small sweetspot and poor build quality. After 7 month of use the speakers stopped working because of contact problems, the cabel holder also broke. I have sent the headset back to the retailer and just got a new under warranty. Also the G2s tracking is much worse, if my room is not perfectly lit, it loses tracking and if I look straight up or down, the picture is jumping (I have never seen this in Q2).

In terms of comfort the G2 is the winner.

So if you prefer clarity, go for the G2, but if you like fluid gameplay, go for the Q2 (unless you have the best hardware).

I haven’t flown over NYC so can’t comment on that. Bad in what way, visually, pop in, performance?

In sim my settings are render resolution 100, DLSS Quality (As soon as I get my new 4090 build I will switch to TAA) Terrain LOD 135, Object LOD 100, Buildings, Trees, Bushes, Clouds high. I have texture resolution to ultra but I believe that is ram dependent, my 3090 has 24GB so can run it but might struggle with less.

I have uninstalled the OpenXR Toolkit as that made my Pro look dreadful, although it enhances the G2, so I think it must be a clash of sharpening. I found the FSR 2.0 in the sim made my Pro look worse too.

The G2 has the better resolution, the Oculus headsets have the better software and motion smoothing.

You end up dropping the resolution in the G2 in MSFS to compensate for its higher demand on your PC.

This is what none of the youtubers tell you.

I found someone with a pretty decent through the lens for the Quest Pro with MSFS, his visuals is how mine looks, although his fps is smoother as he’s using the 4090 and mine hasn’t arrived yet.

He also posted some photos at the link below.

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Another ED VR guy! I have so many good memories out in the black flying my Conda and discovering new worlds in VR. I miss it sometimes, but I bounced when FDev stopped supporting VR in the latest expansion. Went to DCS for a while and inevitably MSFS.

I have 3 HMD’s, the Samsung Odyssey+, the Quest 2, and HP Reverb G2. I used the Samsung O+ in ED for the blacks due to it’s OLED display. Man, I miss that OLED tech… but the clarity was no-where near the other headsets. The Quest is great for a lot of games, and for a lot of the reasons you outlined, but we are talking visuals here… so I took a shot at the G2 last year, loved it so much, and bought another one (for the rest of the family).

The clarity with the G2 is just amazing. The sweetspot is small which sucks, but you get used to it. The physical IPD adjustment slider is easy to access (The Quest only has like 3 presets) and the off-ear speakers are great. I also bought a leather pad which snaps in to replace the default foam and like it a lot better.

You can’t go wrong with the G2, and you will love it.

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