Quest 2 resolution good enough for glass cockpits?

Hey folks, I am considering upgrading my original Rift to the Quest 2, but before I do can any Q2 users reassure me that the resolution is good enough for the glass cockpits of the airliners or G1000 equipped aircraft? It has put me off using the Rift with FS completely because in anything other than a Cub I end up headbutting my monitors or desk trying to get close enough to the instruments to read the finer details :rofl:

I bought a Quest 2, sold my soul to fakebook so that I could sign on, & then was massively disappointed that the best graphics I could get was no better than Minecraft.
I couldn’t see the glass cockpits or steam Gauges at all. This was before SU5 so I might be able to increase the graphics now, but I’ll never know because I returned the Quest.

In my opinion, VR is only worth it if you’re fabulously wealthy & can afford the better headsets.

CPU: i9-10850k
GPU: GTX1080
Ram: 32Gig 3000ghz DDR4
Storage: m.2 SSD

OFC you couldn’t set it to “the best graphics”, what did you expect with 1080, miracle? But I wouldn’t call it minecraft quality either, you didn’t set something right, one of my friends use Quest2 with 1080 but he’s a geek who took great time to customize every setting available to get best result really.

Resolution is quite good, but it very system dependent (well, any of new HMD’s are in fact very dependent on system, you need like RTX 2070 minimum to have somewhat good picture on any headsets, be that Q2, Reverb G2 or HTC Vive Pro2, Pimax). But I wouldn’t recommend to buy Quest 2 if you have Amd GPU - it’s waste of money as amd gpu’s have problems with video encoding.

Got a Reverb G2. FYI, not fabulously wealthy, just a pensioner.

Thanks for the input folks (less-so the ‘minecraft’ hyperbole!).

I’m running an RTX3080, so GPU horsepower shouldn’t be an issue. (In actual fact my bottleneck is CPU, which I am looking to upgrade at some point down the line too)

Like I said at the start, I am a Rift veteran, so I know not to be expecting 4K, but I would be hoping for a decent improvement over that, and the numbers suggest there is - but that’s why my question was specifically about reading the details on a glass cockpit. Published resolution and refresh rates are one thing, reading the G1000’s VSI in turbulent conditions is another!

To be fair, I love Minecraft. It’s the best thing since sliced bread, & I think everybody knows what the reference is about. Didn’t mean to step on peoples toes.

In answer to Artscout, where do you get the impression that I set it to best graphics? I build pc’s, & have done since the 90’s, so I’m no stranger to the world of pc’s, & I did try every different setting & tweak out there. While it was incredibly immersive, the graphical detail was very low, although I’m sure it’s much improved since SU5 though. I was under no illusion that my 1080 would give me ‘best graphics’ - no need to be rude though.

I answered the op’s question from my own experience. I couldn’t make out the dials unless I moved right up close.

However, with an RTX3080, your GPU is well above my own pc’s specs!

Was only trying to help!

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Well sorry if I seemed to be rude, that was not my intention at all, dude! :slight_smile: But in case of 1080 - you really can’t get good enough picture with this GPU, comparing that to even 2080 nevermind 3080, so your answer seems really misleading with OP’s question about picture quality.

Well with 3080 you’ll get pretty good results with following headsets: Oculus Quest2, Vive Pro2, HP Reverb G2, Pimax 8kx. Each of this headset has its cons and pros. I’d recommend either Quest 2 or G2, although as I’m Quest2 owner I can only speculate on G2 (well I had to read on G2 as I wanted to buy that some time ago, but in the end I decided not too, as there’s virtually no noticeable improvement over my Quest2). And in comparison with Rift (be that CV1 or Rift S) you’ll get best picture anyway. So if you looking for “HMD for simulators only” then either G2 or Pimax is your answer, otherwise get Quest2 and be happy. Well that and Quest2 is most cost-effective headset even with need to buy some improvement thing for it like better headstrap. Also there’s manu comparison topics in this forum. recommend to read that too. Most of them inclining towards Quest2 anyway. And for reference - my system is i7-8700, RTX 3080 with 32Gb RAM and NVME drives.

That’s fair enough :slight_smile: The OP didn’t mention his specs in the original post.

I’m still wishing for a 3080!

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I use a quest 2 with a 2080Super. Key is you need to run at renderscale 100 to have readable displays. That means you need to fiddle with different settings to get a smooth experience. Like for instance using Oculus Tray Tool to lock FPS to low settings. After a lot of experimenting I am quite happy with it.

Really need a strong system and a G2, I have a quest 1 8700k and 1080ti, pointless flying glass can’t read it at all and can’t get the render up to where it needs to be or its a slide show

I have an i7 6700k and a GTX1080Ti. I use a totally old Oculus Rift. It‘s great. I can‘t read a glass cockpit in detail of course but if I move forward a bit towards the screen (the cockpit screen) it works. No problem at all in steam gauge aircraft. Graphic settings, well… clouds turned down as well as trees and all above buildings to low and medium but apart from that the rest is relatively high, mostly „high“ settings. Pre-SU5. Haven‘t flown VR since the update, not flown much at all.

Just to give a comparison, I’ve recently been flying both the Cessna 172 Garmin version and the Cessna Grand Caravan G3000, instead of gliders and steam gauge aircraft like the Stearman or Pitts.

With a Radeon 6800XT and the G2 I could easily read all the glass cockpit displays without leaning forward, they were all very sharp including the small text for say, rate of climb selected. The buttons surrounding them though were weirdly harder to read even leaning forward. This with OXR 75 TAA 100 and a mixture of medium and high settings in game. No doubt Cpt Lucky can explain why the buttons are harder to make out than the text on the displays.

Steam gauges are really easy to read with the same combo. Sharp as a tack really.

Thanks for all your input folks. For the sake of £300 (+£80 for the cable… :man_facepalming:) I figure it’s worth a punt, especially for the extra Quest-y features and not needing to have sinister-looking sensors pointing at me all the time!! haha

Glass cockpits look great since SU5 enables you to up the resolution so a 3080 should be able to handle it no problems at all. even the TBM (notoriously poor in VR) works well.

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that sir, is not accurate.

FYI I bought this cable for £15 and works fine for me and gets a high score in the Oculus cable tester

Note its a kindof standard thickness whereas the official one I have heard is much thinner/lighter, this isn’t a problem for me as I use virtual desktop or air link for anything roomscale anyway.

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