Quest 2 - rtx2060 super - stuttering

I don`t get it…tried several times to no avail.


RTX2060 super ventus OC (Overclocked)

Intel(R) Core™ i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz 3.19 GHz


Oculus Quest 2 connected via Link USB3

I still get stutters. Just re-installed everything from scratch. Had to go down to 60 render scale in VR and still have that slight slight stutter when I turn.

I have the FS2020 bought from Steam so am using openxr development to run it not thru steamvr. Have Game mode OFF, and HAGS - OFF

Any suggestions ?


Try my settings

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hello have you tried to disable asw?often he is the problem

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I have a problem with Quest 2.

Initially I open the Oculus app and connect the Airlink via the original cable. After I open MSFS, so far everything is normal.

I start the flight with normal, if I have to go back to the desktop or disconnected quest 2, when I return, I have a horrible drop in FPS, where it is impossible to continue the flight.

The only solution is to restart MSFS.

Does anyone know if you have any solution for this problem?

I don’t use any other program, just OCULUS APP and MSFS.