Quest 2 to Reverb G2, worth it?

Hey all.

Wondering if anybody here with a high-end setup has experience with both a Quest 2 and a Reverb G2? I’ve got the Quest 2 which I’m mostly really happy with, but I get annoyed by having to constantly plug it in and then unplug it for standalone, and also having to stick ear phones in to improve the sound.

I run it at its full render resolution 5408 x 2736 and the clarity has always been amazing compared to my Rift S but in Flight Simulator to be able to run at 5408 x 2736 I need to drop the render down in game to 80 which creates aliasing and shimmer in the distance which I hate.

I’ve got a 10850K, 32 GB of ram and a 3090.

I keep going back and forth on whether the G2 would be a good buy and a solid upgrade for me or if I should wait until something better and more well rounded comes along?

Anybody use both with a 3090 and can compare?

You have a high-end machine. Envy you. Anyway, if you haven’t yet, refer this thread. It was really helpful for me to get clarity and sharpness of images in my Q2.

Regarding aliasing from lower in-game rendering, below prop mods work for me.

Good luck to you.

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I don’t have an answer but I’m interested in the same question.

I guess it’s hard to answer as not many will have used both. I have a similar PC to you and I’m leaving toward the G2. It has higher resolution but I am concerned at the reported sweetspot issue - where its crystal clear but only in a relatively small central spot.

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With a high end rig it’s sacrilege to not use a Reverb G2. Much, much better than an OQ.

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You will lose Oculus’ superb 18hz ASW. With G2 you’ll be able get sharper but visually less complex graphics.

Since the last Nvidia driver update I haven’t needed to use the OTT at all, it just runs fine at 72Hz. The performance is generally very good now, I just hate any kind of aliasing and wonder if the G2 would eliminate that?

Awesome post, thanks for these links!

I’ve just bought a G2 having used a Q2 for the last few months and a Rift S before that. I bought it knowing I have 14 days of use in which I can return it and used it for the first time tonight. It’s definately sharper than the Q2 and the frame rate seems better for me too. The issue of the sweet spot being small isn’t anywhere near how bad I had read and doesn’t seem an issue, for me anyway. The two negatives are the amount of cables, there are lots, and the price. I’ll carry on using it for another week before I decide whether to keep it, but initial thoughts are it’s good, but is it worth the price? Not sure is my initial thought as with the right settings the Q2 is very good, and more versatile.


Reverb g2 looks better than q2, not only because of the resolution, but because of the improved contrast and brightness. Black levels are still bad though.
The sweetspot is reduced, you can clearly observe it in menus, but ingame it’s fine, does the job.
Sound is ok, better than oculus, but not great, lacks low end and bass.
Performance … This depends. If you can bear 60 hz( and you get used to it after a couple of hours), there is reprojection from 20 fps.
If i could describe it to an oculus user it’s like this: smoothness of oculus asw from 24 to 72, and artefacts a bit worse than oculus asw 24 to 72.
I could do oculus max render 1.7 max everything with bush flying, and i can do reverb max everything as well, kinda same performance. For glass cockpits i reduce taa to 80 or 70.

So in conclusion, the reverb is the winner. It it worth double the price? Absolutely not. But i still recommend it, it’s the best there is as of now.

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Why not 90hz? That’s what I run mine at.

Thanks for this. I’ve also owned a Rift S and I found once I properly configured my Quest 2 and set it at its maximum render resolution 5408 x2736 and set the encode bitrate at 500 the visual upgrade compared to the S was quite dramatic. Do you think the G2 is as better visually over the Quest 2 as the Quest 2 is over the Rift S?

I’d only be buying the G2 as a flight simulator accessory I don’t anticipate using it for any standing VR games. I wish I could try it before buying! I’ve ordered it once before but canceled the preorder and got a refund based on the negative reviews around tracking. With Flight Simulator that doesn’t matter, it’s just how well it runs and looks.

Thanks, with all Oculus headsets I’ve owned I’ve always found them quite dark and lacking in contrast, with Google Earth especially I find myself wanting to turn the sun’s brightness up far more because it looks so washed out.

I expect that being a mains powered headset the G2 could be a lot more vibrant and colourful, which really does appeal to me.

Performance wise with my Quest now its running great, apart from I have more aliaising than I’d like. You can see jaggies on the plane in third person view, some objects shimmer in the distance, I don’t know if that’s the Quest 2 or the G2 would be the same? I’m running on maximum render with the Quest 2 on the Quest app, but drop to 80 render in game itself as the cockpit gets a little jittery else.

You can try it before buying, sort of, as you can return it no questions asked, at least in the UK. Didn’t tweak any settings tonight, will give it a go and let you know.

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I have an old cpu ryzen 2700 and can’t get smooth 30 fps without lowering graphics more than i want, so i need that sweet 20hz reprojection.

It’s a little better with antialiasing, details, contrast. Also, feels smoother at the same fps, but there is a bit of motion blur.
Strictly regarding antialiasing and details, it’s not as big difference like the upgrade from rift s to quest 2 though. It’s more like your quest 2 from 60-70 render taa to 100 render taa. This is from memory, so take this with a grain of salt.
Be wary that you absolutely need to mod it for better fov, as stock is considerably worse than oculus, but modded is better in horizontal. And wmr software can be problematic. I was lucky and had no problems whatsoever, but i read a lot of horror stories on reddit.

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Hmm, thanks for the feedback, yes £639 for a less than Rift S to Quest 2 visual upgrade doesn’t really sound worth it, especially as Facebook has already confirmed they are working on their next headset, which will likely be out in a year, and with a better screen again.

This past few months of lockdown I’ve become addicted to throwing money at my VR hobby, £3500 on a PC, another £2000 on a flight cockpit, part of me is like what’s another £650 or so and the other part of me is like stop being a loser and blowing all your cash!

Maybe I’ll hold off on the G2 and buy a virtual Garmin 1000 instead! :crazy_face:

In Australia there is an in between option as HP still have stock of the G1 they are selling at roughly 2/3 the price of the G2 .

I got a good deal from amazon, got the reverb at 610 euros, and i managed to sell the quest for more than half of that.

To me it was totally worth it. I stopped using the Q2 once I got the G2 as I mainly/exclusively used it for flight sim (clarity, better performance, comfort). I also got the G2 at preorder price which made it comparable to a Q2 with headstrap & cable etc…

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Have had the G2 for a few days now. Definately better than the Q2, and FPS seems better too, but still in two minds given its double the price. Also lots of cables with the G2 as opposed to one for the Q2. Will decide whether to send back over the next week. Q2 is definately great vale for money is the conclusion so far though.

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