Quest 2 to Reverb G2, worth it?

Thanks, I use my Quest 2 for a lot of standalone features, especially related to fitness, use it on my Concept 2 rower, stationary bike, wireless active games like Thrill of the Fight, FitXR so for me the G2 is purely for Flight Simulator as it can’t replicate any of those essential functions.

I want it to be a night and day improvement to justify for Flight Simulator, especially as Oculus will probably release another headset within a year that will match or surpass the G2 display, and have better tracking, controllers etc, making the G2 redundant.

I really want to pull the trigger and just get one to see, but I feel I should be sensible and stick with the Quest 2 and enjoy whatever Oculus do next, or maybe Valve if they refresh the Index with a 4K screen.

yes if I just used VR for sims I’d be happy to buy a G2, but as my major use for VR is fitness (I write for a VR fitness website) I’d have to buy it as an additional second headset to the Quest 2, and not sure it’s worth another £639 expense just for one game, although I really do love this game!

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Do you mind sharing which game/application you use on your stationary bike?

Yeah sure, for my bike I use Virzoom’s VZfit to cycle through Google Streetview in their app called Explorer.
For my rower I use Holodia’s Holofit, which has computer generated environments. Holofit works with bikes too, but I prefer VZfit for that as obviously Google Streetview gives you an inexhausible wealth of routes to just from. You can even ride from your own house.

Thanks. That sounds awesome. Is sweating a problem when you’re working out hard wearing a headset?

You’ll need to wear a headband and I’d recommend buying a replacement facial interface from VR Cover. Little tip, if you tell Oculus the foam interface that comes with the Quest is causing you facial irritation they will send this replacement cover for free.

If you check out VRFitnessInsider .com we cover everything VR fitness related. I’ve written multiple articles on VZFit and Holofit too and recorded in game footage on ou Youtube channel so you can get an idea of what they play like.

I love VR for fitness, its so much more fun than traditional working out.

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Thanks again. I’ll check out your site. From what I see, after a quick browse of their forums, there is an issue with resistance control for bikes. I have a Kickr Core. It sounds as though it is either not supported or not fully supported.

All bikes will work once you attach a Bluetooth Sensor. If you mean automatic resistance so that it simulates going up hills, they are working on that but it’s not available yet. I have a watt controlled bike and I just manually dial the resistance up when I’m going up hills, and down again for flat, or downhill.

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And that is the gist of it. I have the G2 and the Q2 the original plan was to return the one I didn’t like. I kept both, with the G2 only for sims. I find it amazing in FS but then I don’t expect reality inside a VR headset.