Quest 2 Virtual Desktop vs Link Cable

Right now I can’t use my PC since I am away from home, but I have been using the sim in VR through a clever use of Virtual Desktop, Teamviewer and a friend piloting through shared cockpit.

My question is: Have you been able to use both the link cable and Virtual Desktop?
Which one offers the best quality in fs2020’s VR?

In my experience Virtual Desktop looks fine, but I can’t read 90% of the instruments of the a320 unless I get really close, is it the same with the cable or is it because of my bitrate (since I am streaming the game from a PC a few thousand kilometers away)

I play via virtual desktop, I also tried oculus link.
The streaming quality of oculus link is off course higher, so the image is a little bit better. I personally see not the difference. I use VD with streaming on high and a Bitrate above 55 and can read the instruments very good.
Render 80 or 90/ steamvr 100 or render on 60/ steamvr 220.

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