Quest 2, weird FPS Problem

Hi fellow Pilots,

i am having a strange FPS Problem with my Quest 2, i run a Ryzen 3600 @4200, 2080Super 32gb 3200 ram. On 72hz and 1.4 in Oculus i have constant 36 FPS with c152, Spitfire and mb339. Everything is perfect and i can fly for hours without CTD or any problems. When i leave vr and set up a new flight the FPS drop to 9-11 FPS the moment i switch back to vr. The highest i can get is 18fps after a few moments. This is exactly half of the FPS i usually have. Sometimes it hepls to disconnect the link cable and close the Oculus App and reconnect. But most of the time i have to restart the sim because i cant switch to vr anymore. It makes no difference if i run the sim in Windowed or fullscreen mode. Has anyone else experieced this problem ?


Yes, not exactly the same but almost.
For example when i boot MSFS and the intro is sluggish i know, my VR performance will be a down for about 60%. My only option is to close MSFS and restart it (reboot of the computer is not needed).

Till this day i don’t know what it is, but it happens to me for about 80% of the times when i want to play flight simulator. I first have to close the game and start it up again.

This problem occured after WU4. Already changed my GPU drivers, but no result. I hope the upcoming update will solve this.

my system:
Ryzen 3700x
3080 MSI Ventus
Oculus Quest 2 (Steam VR)

MSFS has always been inconsistent for me. Nearly each launch give a different result on CPU and GPU usage. Even restarting a new fly like you describe, sometimes just going on menu, lowering an option and back and you have a worse result, etc.

I only have the 3 first online feature turned ON (no live traffic, no multiplayer and no live weather), that help, but it’s not enough.

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Same here!

Any solutions?

i havent found a solution yet. I hope the performance Update next week will fix it.

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Same problem here.