Quest 3 and MSFS - please make reports here

Yup, I’m at -30% just now and it’s working well.

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I just upgraded from a Quest 2 to 3 and I feel like it looks almost the same as far as clarity. It also seems to be rendering the same resolution, but the Quest 3 should be higher, right? I’m not sure what to set it to though. I’m using VD and Open XR Toolkit. It seems nothing matches the render resolution of the headset, but I’m not sure if that’s critical to match (or some aspect ratio of it) such as it is on screens.

It reduces micro head movements which may cause nausea or disturb you by a lot. I am using -32% which i found the best so my VR head movement matches the real life movement. Otherwise it’s terrible.

Hmmm. I don’t think it is doing exactly what you describe to be honest. The name is a clue? Over-prediction reduction. It’s like it is taking your head movement into account for where exactly it should display the next frame (position / rotation) and having negative means it’s waiting longer to see where your head actually is when the frame arrives, at the cost of some lag/latency.

Probably not describing that well but it’s not as far as I can see about micro movements because larger movements were worse.

I think it has probably even more of a good effect when SSW is involved as that is also “guessing” on half the frames. Either way this has helped both things for me massively. General solidity and even less Space “warp” distortions.

Dependa a lot on your PC specs. You need a good PC to take advantage of the Q3’s higher res screens. Otherwise, all you’ll get is better edge to edge clarity thanks to the Q3’s pancake lens.

Yes it works fine with virtual desktop

Works as well wireless with Air Link and even a little better with a usb3 Link cable imho. Really comes down to your system/settings imho. Use whatever floats your boat I guess, lol!

I was under the impression that in order to use Frame Generation, the Sim must be in DX12 with HAGS on. I don’t recall that HAGS must be on when not using Frame Generation. I am NOT an expert or anywhere near an expert, but I hope this might prove helpful.

Frame generation isn’t supported in VR, only applies to 2d monitor mode. You do then need dx12 and hags enabled to use it with frame gen/2d.

For VR, you can use dx12 with or without hags enabled, same as you can with dx11. Like everything, up to you to find out what works best for your system and mode of flying.

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True, but I had a series of CTDs when running DX12 + HAGS off (normally I don’t have CTDs at all) and they disappeared when I went HAGS on. Just my experience, there can always be other factors…

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I just got my Quest3 set up, and am getting decent results tethered, but have not delved too deep into settings. It’s frustratingly close to being perfect, but lacks the smoothness my Rift S gave me. There are still little jitters and occasional screen tearing when I turn my head. But SO. CLOSE.

I already tried using Virtual Desktop, both wired and wireless, but that’s a non-starter with my system apparently. I was looking at the Oculus debug tool, have not tried OVR. Using DX12.

Any suggestions for reasonable next steps to perfect a tethered setup that is NOT using Virtual Desktop?

Virtual desktop is wireless only.

There isn’t, I believe, a perfect setup for the Q3 that doesn’t involve VD. At least I’ve tried and failed. I got close with my 7900X3D and 7900XTX but that was on VD. QLink and Airlink just makes me want to throw, the oculus software hasn’t been updated for the later AMD cards so gives poor performance, ghosting, and stutters.

Actually there is a “classic” version that you can get on Steam, which lets you run in tethered mode. The performance is abysmal. I’m really getting frustrated since when I first plugged in everything was so close to perfection, now it’s a slideshow after my lame attempts to improve things.

OK I think I found the culprit: somehow Asymmetric Space Warp had got turned on in Oculus Debug Tool. I think turning that off removed the horrible stutters and screen tearing and put me back to normal. I also applied this dude’s settings and it worked pretty good: I think those details might actually have been what was missing for me. I got my Q3 smoove as my Rift S and it looks goooood. Hope some of this helps someone else.

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You really need to delve into all your settings and monitor changes one at a time in order to understand how they all interact. For starters, dx12 and HAGS on is not a good place to start imho. Try to get yourself oprimized without either of these to begin with, then maybe try these later and find out they don’t add anything to PCVR right now, lol!

I have done a lot of this kind of testing and found settings that work very well for me with both Link and Air Link. I posted these recently and you may want to try these out.

While some users suggest that VD wirless is the only way to get a perfect setup. I strongly disagree. I have use VD of +4.5 years starting with my Q1 and I continually check and compare it to Air Link. Both Link and Air Link have continued to improve over time. With the latest v63 both Meta wired and wireless options work better than ever and even battery life has been significantly extended by 30-50%. Those that say otherwise either have hardware issues (eg cable, usb ports) and/or do not understand how to properly setup things to begin with. I’m not saying I cannot get very good results with VD. with VDXR my rtx4090 av1 at 130mbps works very well, but not significantly better than Air Link at 200mbps dynamic hevc.

As much as I love being wireless, I still can get better results with my official link cable at 650mbps encoding bitrate. With Link I get better distance clarity (and these pop in earlier) and 7-10ms less latency than any wireless options. However, wireless with Air Link or VD is still very flyable.

I kinda get tired of reposting my settings in this thread, but here goes one last time, lol!


Thanks! That’s very helpful. I agree, wired is the best way to go. I got myself sorted pretty well somehow by accident. My 3080 runs the Quest3 with wired link fine at 72hz with 100% resolution. No stutters, smooth flying and good graphics. Just a few weird artifacts, but I don’t think we will ever be 100% free of those. Overall I’m happy now. I feel like optimizing VR is a bit like a spiritual journey, everyone has to take their own path. Now I can add Asymmetric Space Warp to the “list of things to turn off” along with HAGS and Game Mode.


@dubnewt2648 Agreed, it’s often a journey, not a final destination, lol! However, I’ve finally seem to have found my msfs settings destination.

Maybe also try 45fps forced, asw = off (set with ODT or OTT). This will fix your fps to 1/2 your refresh rate (36fps in your case using 72Hz). You may even find that this may allow you to increase your refresh rate to 80Hz, esp if you are already able to maintain at least 40fps with your curent settings.

With Link and Air Link you canset different ASW settings on the fly by using keyboard commands. Ctrl+num1 (numeric keyboard 1, not top row 1) = ASW Off, ctrl+num2 = forced 45fps (1/2 your refresh rate) and ASW Off. These are some of the handy shortcuts you can do with Link and Air Link. BTW you cannot use these commands with VD because it does not have the official Oculus runtime, just a hacked version of this, albeit a very good hacked version, lol!

Glad you’re getting good results mate and cheers.

Aside; with my stronger rtx4090 I don’t see any noticeable compression artifacts with Link as long as I use +450mbps encoding bitrate (with default h.264 codec). Some of this may be due to my rtx4090’s superior encoders.

YES. That particular adjustment made a huge difference. Thanks again for passing along the expert info!

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Interested to know how you got on. I am loving my Q3. My setup:

HEVC-10 bit (what’s Oculus codec…?)
SSW on
150 mbps
VD Sharpening 40% (important)
Only FVR Preset in VDXR

Most sim settings Ultra
Depth of field ultra (important).
TAA 110

I’m on a dedicated 6e network.

What are your latency figures in VD?


VD is magic and even better if you can setup a dedicated 6e network. The codecs in VD are wayyyyyy better, as is SSW.