Quest 3 vs Hp Reverb 2

I have ordered Q3 and will start my MSFS journey with it.

At the same time looking at the used market of G2 and of I find one in a good condition and price might ger that too in the future :wink:

Sorry missed that, thanks. I really need to get them settings dialed in Dx11/12, dlss/taa hags on/off etc
13900k/4090 with Link cable.

I have been using the Quest 3 and I love the FOV and overall clarity, and even framerates, when compared to my G2. However for some reason it has become unstable in the last few days. Sometimes the headset goes dark, sometimes VR freezes, and sometime the framerates slow down for no reason. I’m blaming Virtual Desktop/VDXR. I’ve tweaked the heck out of it for a couple of days and then went back to the G2 in frustration.

I miss the good things about it so I may go back at some point.

Last night I went from dx12 to Dx11 and from dlss to taa. I’ve used 1.4 in pixel density and it’s looking great. Probably as clear as my very highly tweaked g2 but all over the view rather than just the sweet spot. It seems to run smoother to the g2 has its judders along the way. I need to test it out a bit more maybe turning hags off as that’s currently on to see if that makes a difference.

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With the quest 3 I have tried to adjust settings within windows to have used oxrtk on and off, hags on/off, dx11/12 (dx12 is very stuttery in the headset even confirming ASW is off) - this is all with the link cable. Within Oculus Link I am running at 80hz and sliding all the way over to the right on custom resolution scale and using 1.4 in oculus diagnostics tool.

I have got wifi 6 but with a mesh and therefore limited with what I could test with virtual desktop but at this point I think I am just going to stick with the G2.

I switched VR between the Q3 and G2 quite quickly taking off from London City in a C208 caravan and I am getting higher FPS and greater clarity with the reverb G2, in addition it’s more comfortable to wear even with aftermarket strap for Q3 and the headphones are better.

To conclude I will continue using the G2 on the PC for MSFS but will have the Q3 as a separate standalone headset.

I have a G2 and picked up a Quest 3 for Quest gaming/Supernatural/etc.

Since I have the G2 already, I didn’t see a need to try to get MSFS/PC VR going on the Quest 3. But I am curious… Now that another 10 days has passed, how are y’all liking the Quest 3 compared to the G2? Are you using the Meta software or other software to connect it?

I don’t want to spend hours configuring the Q3 to be just as good as the G2. But if you’re finding advantages, I’d love to know.

My G2 is collecting dust now. Q3 pancake lenses having superior clarity over G2’s tiny sweet spot and the FOV is better. Running it with VD/VDXR on 13700/4080.

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When you launch VD on Q3 , which background do you normally select out of those Home Theather, Auditorium, Big cinema, etc. ? I could not find a way to not to have it and just have MSFS view only.

I use the star background (“Galaxies” or something like that?) because it is the most subtle with MSFS hovering large in a (mostly) dark space.

Also, what’s really convenient with the Q3 while in MSFS VR is double-tapping the side to switch to pass-through to check a monitor, grab a drink, adjust a peripheral etc. and then double-tapping back into the VR.


So Virtual Desktop and Virtual Desktop XR are the way to go for MSFS? Guess I should look up a video – seeing y’all talk about backgrounds is confusing. Once you’re in-sim it fills the view, right?

The background is visible while you are in flat MSFS (menus) since they are not 3D. As soon as you start a flight and enter the cockpit there is only 3D MSFS and no more background until you end the flight.


I’m loving the Quest 3 and find it superior to the G2 in many ways. There is one thing, though, that tempts me back to the dark side.

I have the best performance and visual results using the Virtual Desktop with the VDXR add-on. However, I find the VD to be very finicky on my system. It demands that I start everything in a certain order and shut down in a certain order. If I forget, or the headset display freezes for some reason, I have to close VD, and the sim, shut down the VD Streamer via Task Manager, and start everything all over again-- in the right sequence, mind you.

I’ve also noticed that the VD display freezes when entering the VR cockpit of the new SWS Pilatus PC-12. It doesn’t freeze the sim itself, only the Quest 3 display. When I boot up with the G2 instead, everything is fine and life is good. It could be that that particular aircraft makes heavier VR demands on the display than other aircraft and brings the Quest 3 to its knees, although I don’t know why that would be the case.

I’m still trying to figure this out. I really want the Q3 to work.