Quest2 Link MSFS2020 suddenly unplayable

Hi Guys

I suddently get terrible performance Issues. (Flickering, Choppy Audio). I didnt change a Thing! It just came over Night. My System is a 3060Ti, 5600X and 32 Gb Ram and im using the latest nvidia driver. It really seems like it is Oculus related as soon as i start MSFS2020 Oculus Home starts flickering and i get really choppy Audio, Flickering and bad Performance in the Game. Im on the Public Test channel btw. I have no idea whats going… Do you Guys have similar problems?

No everything Ok. Restart all.

Not exactly that, but since last updates now my yoke is all bouncing around and ailerons and elevators are jerking terribly, in all aircraft.
This is new. Unflyable!
It shows it jumping all over when in Windows device calibration too. So I changed yokes, with exact same issue, so it’s not me.
Also if I escape to FS menu, when I resume flight, the engine cuts out due to the mixture lever pulling out. It’s a stupid and bad new bug.
Also, in my Q2 often a transparent band appears across the bottom quarter on my fov.
This is only this particular new set of ongoing issues that plague this game. Every update brings a new fresh-hell.
I’m now so hesitant to even bother to start it up at all, as I’ll most likely be met with some new bug or issue that will spoil and end my flight. I’m kinda getting turned-off MSFS :sleepy:

So last night I tried it again and it was a smooth perfect experience. I did nothing different but start it up.
Today I read of a new Windows update that addresses these new fps and stutter problems. Sure enough the update was there to download. I also found new driver updates for my Saitek Yoke and panels.
Flight today was FLAWLESS! :+1::blush:

Thats some good news! In my Case it was a damaged Link Cable.

Happy flying!

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