Question about a320 behavior in gusty wind

I have a question about the fly by wire a320 behavior in gusty wind conditions. Is it normal or realistic that the plane behaves so stable and well in these conditions without any joystick inputs. For example I tried flying the a320 in the conditions that are shown on the screenshot and I did not touch the joystick or give other inputs. But the plane reacted automatically to the gusts, which you can especially see by the aileron movements.

Here are some Videos:

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AP on? For sure it does, up to defined borders, then the AP will disengage.

The ap was off

Then we need a person who knows if the Airbus laws are doing something like this. I mean, the flybywire logics are doing a lot of things in the background even when AP is off.
So it should be somewhere in the FCOM.

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Videos are too short to deduct anything from it. The real aircraft is relatively stable in gusty conditions, especially compared to the 737. I always fly it with autothrust off (except in CAT ⅔ of course), because in gusty conditions with ATHR on it sometimes tends to build up. If it does - just release the sidestick for a second and it will indeed mostly recover itself.
(5000hrs 737 and 9000 A319/320/321)


Don’t know, but maybe he meant the ailerons moving by itself with AP disengaged?

Yes, exactly. I meant the aileron movements.

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No it isn’t right, wind and turbulence basically have no effect on planes in the sim, so stormy and crosswind landings and no different to clear day landings, and storm clouds merely a visual effect, atmospherically they have no effect.

The only turbulence really integrated is mechanical turbulence from terrain, which can be very strong in real life. Trouble is as soon as someone can’t land their Cessna perfectly in a 40 knot gusting crosswind (which would be madness in real life) they start complaining about turbulence being ‘overdone’.

See my post here What's the deal with the wind? - #12 by Warp757

As it is the sim is incredibly boring without weather having the slightest impact on flight.

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We must have two different sims installed then, I can tell you the A32NX is a handful in a crosswind with gusts.

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Maybe you ask the FBW developer in their Discord Channel.

Weird, when I fly the a32nx in a storm it’s quite a struggle to fly with ap and athr off to not smash into the ground

Nonsens. I almost landed a Mooney static in Hobart right after WU8. Live Weather giving quite the beating.

I doubt we have two different sims, just two different perceptions.

I assume you’re referring to presets, as there are no gusts at ground level in live weather, if I load a flight in a supposedly gusty area it flies straight as an arrow.

In presets, none of them have particularly gusty conditions, are you setting the wind in custom weather? I tried yesterday several different wind settings, even setting gusty crosswinds up go 50 knots, not too much trouble landing. These are conditions in which real flights wouldn’t even try, they’d divert. When you say ‘a handful’ do you mean something like these, which is how planes should behave in 30+ knot gusty crosswinds, and these with professional pilots Best Pilots in the World Storm Ciara Crosswind landings and Takeoffs and Go-around Extreme Weather - YouTube

Do be aware when setting the gusts in custom weather, the AI is bugged, although it is labelled km/h it actually corresponds to a far higher speed in the sim - if you set something like 37 km/hr there it will give you winds over 100 knots in the sim - I did see somewhere here what it actually corresponds to but I forget. So if you’re setting what you consider reasonable winds in custom weather that’s one possible reason it seems excessive. But when set to realistic levels, the effect is far too weak.