Question about AIRACs?

Hi there, I have an question about AIRACs!! How do they know that I have the most current cycle version? Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA

Are you using the stock sim Navdata or an external provider like Navigraph?

If using something like Navigraph they publish their schedule.

Currently we’re on cycle 6 for 2022 so its displayed as 2206 (if you upload It to Little NAV Map, Pilot2ATC, etc).

Cycle 7 comes out in 2 days.

Again comes down to what you use as a provider but Navigeaph has tools (FMS Data Manager and NAV Data Center) that you use to install the AIRAC into the sim and various components.

If you run them, they will just say “Remove” if they are up to date. Or “Update” if an update is required.


HI there, I have the Navigraph subscription!

I edited my post as you relied. All required information for Navigraph should be in there :slight_smile:

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Thanks again…:slight_smile:

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Hi again, I have another question, What happens if I don’t update the AIRACs?

The main side effect is charts, procedures, etc can stop lining up with your navigation devices as airways change, SIDS/STARS change or are added / removed.

If you use updated charts your NAV data in your Garmin etc may not have the updated changes.


Thanks for explaining…:slight_smile:

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