Question about AP after Update

I have only flown two planes after the update so far the Skyhawk with the G1000 and the Baron G58. I am novice at this but the routine I follow is to take off, get a good rate of climb, turn on the autopilot. I then turn on FLC mode to climb to my desired altitude and then finally hit Nav mode while climbing.

Before the update the screen showed AP on and would show the departing airport and arrival airport and the plane would always adjust itself to sync up with that GPS line.

Now when I follow the same routine the GPS mode on the plane shows Departing Airport > Time. I don’t know what that is. I just did a flight in the G58 where, after takeoff and the initial Departing Airport > Time display, it switched Time > Time. The plane was flying parallel to my GPS line so I just went with it, turned off AP when I got close and manually adjusted.

Any help here. Do I have the autopilot in the wrong mode? When I set the Nav mode with only the Destination point set should the plane not try and get itself in sync with the GPS line instead of just traveling in a straight line from wherever you turned on the AP on to the destination?

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