Question about available pilot avatars

Is it just me or are the available pilot avatars all very similar? Pretty much all variations on IC2 or IC3. Where are the Nordic, Far Eastern, Slav, Indian subcontinent or ginger Irish? There are enough of them, I feel it is a bit of a shame to focus on two or three very similar ethnic identities.


A bigger problem is that there is no female copilot voice that I’m aware of. My copilot/bodyguard is a female ninja of East Asian persuasion but instead of talking like Gogo Yubari, “she” talks like a male baritone :frowning:


Gender neutral? :thinking: :crazy_face:

But no E.T., Santa or Alf?

Nope. First, there are distinctive male and female instructor voices. Second, the only female baritones I’ve known got that way from smoking 3 packs a day, so most are now dead and they’re not being replaced these days as fast as they’re dying off. Thus, not many around these days.

Prepubescent and castrati guys sing like gals but otherwise, only the rarest non -smoking gal can get as low as the rarest, highest, intact, and mature guy. IOW, there’s only a slight overlap between the altos (lowest female) and tenors (highest regular male) ranges. The majority of both genders fall outside the narrow range over overlap. And this is before even mentioning the gender-specific differences in pronunciation and articulation due to the gender-specific vocal ranges and other physical differences trying to make the same sounds.

Thus, there really can’t be such a thing as a gender-neutral voice. It would have such a limited range as to sound largely monotone, and would pronounce most multisyllabic words weirdly to all ears. Even computer-generated voices sound gender-specific because of these factors.

Not only a limited number of avatars, but also I could not find an option to turn off the co-pilot. Am I missing something?


an Alf would be great!

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In the sounds options, change the providor to windows offline…that got me a female CP


I agree, it’s a global product. It should represent all of humanity.

If we could use the SDK to modify or add avatars, that would be real nice. Also to be able to set the copilot or not have one even.


Wait for the nex-gen flight sim and we’ll be taking a selfie and have own own image on the pilot/co-pilot. :wink:

There is currently a voting thread to turn off the co-pilot image. It is weird that you choose the front right seater to weigh 0.00 pounds and yet they appear next to you when in external view!

Honestly could care less about pilot avatars as… it’s a fairly pointless feature. I don’t think the intention was to focus on any one specific ethnicity, rather simply provide some form of basic avatar system.