Question about Boeing 737

Will you put it on your Marketplace or not?

And people who have it, what is your opinion? Is worth?

No No and No dont buy this ■■■■ and waiting for PMDGs 737

That’s the decision of the 3rd party developer, not MS.

Ahh okok, i though was MS. Thank you :slight_smile:

So is not worth bro?
Im a fan of Airbus, i love fly my A320 neo from Fly by wire. But 737 is also cool :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the BREDOK3D 737-MAX has recieved alot of negative attention and alot of detractors, mainly I think due to the fact the developer (who I suspect is either an individual or very small studio) has merged bits of other aircrafts cockpit to build his version. Somebody somewhere tried to put the point out there that of the cockpit - the’ve clearly looked at a 737 max cockpit and actually done a reasonable job using what limited resources there is currently available to an amatuer developer.
(Sadly this was also Shot-down too)

Is it worth circa £20 - possibly NOT, I’d say a fairer price should have been set at around £12-£15 INC VAT, not the net price (Esp when you consider the CRJ is around £35-£37 with conversions from euro to ££, and is from a professional studio & considered close to study level)

How does it fly?:- I think for an amatuer product it flies really quite well, most things work as expected, apart from the radio panel (I don’t think you can tune a frequency or tune a squawk without using built in ATC Menus)

Can I use it with Vatsim: NO not at present, see above

How is it in performance:- reasonably heavyily taxing on FPS, I’d say possibly similar to the A320nx Mod and other highly involved airliners, though I find you can improve it by turning down the glass refresh rate, either through a mod or via the graphics option the developers introduced last year

Is it stable:- Sometimes, but depends on the circumstances. I tried clicking on the options above the co-pilot’s map to select the VOR or APT display option which lead to a sim freeze & eventual CTD.
This side of things clearly needs a bit of work, but I’ve yet to fly it since world update III
Hope this helps @V1PERPT


Really thank you man :wink: , appreciate your time and your answer. I understood :slight_smile:

I am having trouble with the radios shutting off mid flight. any suggestions?

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