Question about bush plane speed retention

I’m starting to play around with certain planes that I never thought I would really enjoy, which are low, slow tail-dragging bush planes.

A couple of them, like the Savage Cub and the Shock Ultra can bleed off speed super fast when you drop flaps, letting you land almost anywhere if you have a few hundred feet to play with. But others like the XCub really don’t seem to want to slow down at all - I’ve crossed airstrip thresholds at 50 knots with full flaps, no power, and reached the end of the runway at 40 knots and still airborne. You really have to slam it down, whereas in the Ultra or Savage Cub you bleed off speed and settle like a leaf.

I just bought the Kitfox hoping it would fly more like the Ultra, but no it is more like the XCub - it just won’t bleed off speed - and with only 6 degrees of flaps you can understand why. It takes off incredibly fast, but I want 300 foot landings (basically football fields).

I’d just stay with the Ultra, but I also want an autopilot, for transits, because I want to fly missions.

Am I wrong in thinking that there is something wrong with the XCub (and Kitfox) speed retention? I would think a bush plan’s prerequisites would be to slow right down right now.

I have no clue about the real thing, but in theory, speed retention is an indicator of good aerodynamics. But it does sound like the flaps should have more drag than you’re describing. Bush League Legends has a package that updates performance significantly, and they keep updating the package. (I need to get the latest pack myself.) The real plane is a Corvette in a sky full of Priuses, so hot performance is normal. This means that energy management and planning ahead is crucial when coming into a small field. Don’t rush it. Throttle back ahead of time and get the airspeed close to the white stripe. In the sim, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t have damage active, but in the real world, you don’t want flaps above that stripe unless you absolutely have to - it can cause structural damage. But once you get inside that, lower flaps one notch at a time to avoid sudden pitch changes. Also be aware that you’ll need to increase throttle as drag increases. Once you’re at full flaps, the extra drag should allow you to come in over the stripes and then cut the gas and drop in.

I think BT Studio (Who made the Kitfox add-on) screwed up. I looked around for information on the real Kitfox’s flaps - actually they are flaperons as they are used to control roll as well - and apparently they should drop down to 11 and 22 degrees. In FS2020, they only drop to 6 degrees. No wonder it won’t slow down.

I suppose you can slip to lose airspeed, but I don’t think that is an excuse for BT - it’s such an easy fix for them to do.