Question about camera / views

I would like to position a particular view in cockpit using the mouse. Save that view, so that I can recall it when I toggle between external and cockpit views. Right now, when I toggle to external I am taken back to the previous external view which is fine. But when I toggle to cockpit I am taken to the same view (Landing I believe) each time. I would like to toggle back to my preset view.

I hope I have made myself clear, I apologize if this is too wordy and as always thanks in advance for any help or comments. It is you guys who make this hobby so enjoyable for me.

you can save custom camera views and assign a button on the joystick to display that view.
I use it in every plane. For some reason, it does remember the custom view from plane to plane.
So now the same button either displays GPS in my mooney and EFB tablet in FBW A320.