Question about GPS, ILS on default planes

I previously asked whether a flight plan created in the MSFS World Map would automatically load into the flight instruments and maps when flying in Asobo default planes. I asked because I haven’t yet learned to create flight plans using 3rd party programs such as Little Navmap. I was advised that the World Map flight plan does get injected into the default planes, but not 3rd party addon planes.

I have tried ILS with some but not all of the default planes, particularly the Cessna 172 (G1000), Cessna 208B, Cessna Longitude, Boeing 787-10, Cessna CJ4, Beechcraft Baron G58. The C172 (G1000) with the WT G1000 mod works well in following the GPS track and capturing the glide slope. And so does the C208B. But I usually find that with the other default planes, they don’t follow the GPS and/or don’t capture the glide slope, regardless of whether I manually enter the ILS arrival runway frequency.

So, I’d appreciate some advice on which default planes work well to follow the GPS track and capture the glide slope, with or without me having to manually enter the ILS frequency. (In the C172 the WT G1000 has the arrival ILS frequency entered automatically in the NAV1 radio, if I recall correctly.)

And for the planes where this doesn’t seem to work well, is this an issue with the planes or the pilot?

(Yes, I do know to hit the CDI button to get Loc1 active to capture the glide slope.)

Ensure you hit the approach button in the autopilot.
It should not be necessary to change the CDI button in most larger planes, they will normally switch on their own to the ILS.(I don’t generally use the ILS with smaller planes, I do VFR only in them, so I’ll leave that up to others to comment),
As you have done, just ensure it is displayed in Nav1 in the radios.
In most of the larger jets, there is a separate spot in the FMC(MCDU) for ILS entry on the nav radio page, so you don’t put it in Nav 1 on those.

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That being said, yes, creating a flight plan in the simulator’s flight planning screen will load the plan automatically in stock airplanes, as well as third-party planes that use the simulator’s Flight Management Systems - specifically Garmin G1000, G3000, G3X. As noted, other third party planes have special requirements and steps to get the plan loaded.

Working TItle has a very active Discord channel where you might find real-time answers directly from the team on what you’re having problems with.

Not all add-on airports automatically switch to NAV at the approach.

It’s a matter of the FMS automatically switching to the NAV radio frequency I believe.

Loads fine in most 3rd party planes too!

And there are aircraft that do not have a FMS or autopilot like the C152. Any flight plan has to be manually flown and have all the necessary charts available. It is possible to fly an ILS but you have to do all the work. The C152 cannot do RNAV approaches because there is no GPS. There is no FMS to program or learn, no button pushing, or knob twisting to select something. (Of course, no one has to use the AP or FMS in any aircraft except to find a VOR or ADF for navigation. No magenta line needed!)

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I have not had any luck for months getting the CJ4 (Working Title mod) to accept the flight plan that I develop using the sim. I always get a message at the bottom of the MCDU stating that no flight plan exists, so I always end up having to create the flight plan using the MCDU. I know how to use Simbrief, but there are times I find the sim flight planning system more convenient. Should I be able to use either to create a flight plan? Please tell me what I’m doing wrong. Thanks for your time.

This is directly from their online documentation link from the Working Title website:

Flight Plan Synchronization Between the Game and FMS

  • You can still “file” your flight plan to ATC by entering it in the world map of MSFS and it will remain visible to ATC/VFR.
  • To load the plan into the FMS you can either enter it manually or use the FPLN RECALL (GAME/SB) option in IDX → PAGE2 → ROUTE MENU
  • Due to the increased accuracy and capabilities of the FMC managed flight plan, you may find that the sync to the game does not always work as expected or does not reflect the FMC flight plan.

“SB” pulls it from Simbrief (assuming you have your Simbrief ID entered) and “GAME” attempts to load the World Map plan, with the caveats noted in the last bullet point.

Thanks, BigCow74. I never thought of checking out the WT website. I really appreciate your feedback and time.

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