Question about Load & Activate approach on G3000

When I Load & Activate the approach it always wants to send me back to the previous waypoint - the starting waypoint of the active leg. On long flights that can sometimes be like way back. Why is this happening?

It’s nothing you’re doing wrong. This is a well known bug in the nav system. This was one of the top fixes people expected with SU3 since it was supposed to be the update that fixed the Garmins. Unfortunately, that didn’t come to pass.

You can’t prevent it from happening, but there is a workaround. Before entering your approach into your FMS:

  • Synchronize your heading bug to current heading, switch your AP to HDG mode.
  • Select and activate your approach in your FMS
  • Verify what path it traced for you on the MFD or VRF map
  • If it doesn’t turn you around, switch back to NAV mode and all is good.
  • If it tries to turn you around, go into your FMS on your touch screen and bring up your flight plan.
  • scroll down to select your initial appoach fix that you SHOULD be heading to.
  • Activate DIRECT TO on that IAF
  • Switch back to NAV mode and all is good.

We shouldn’t have to do this procedure, but it’s a pretty simple way to avoid getting turned around.


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