Question about ms-store

I have a question regarding use of ms-store - I’m not familiar with Ms-store.

I’m planning to get a new PC for ms Flightsim in near future but right I can get ms flightsim for a reduces price.

Question: if I buy Ms flightsim for PC on MS-store today (and not downloading it) will I then be able to download / install it on my new PC later - say in a month ??

To answer your question: Yes :+1:

Yes, once you’ve bought it, you’ve bought it, and you can download it anytime.

I don’t know about other titles, but in the case of MSFS, you can even install it on multiple machines, though you can only sign in on one at a time.

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I suppose we all have the same process here. I bought the sim and ran it on an older spec Pc. 2 months later I bought a new higher spec pc and promptly installed it on that. The sim runs perfectly well on both pc’s now, though not at the same time obviously.
Download it now and have fun, then install it on your new pc when you get it and have even more fun.
(I also have it on a laptop….so that’s 3 devices the same game runs on….not at the same time).