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So Skyvector is an approved tool for real world flight planning? When I was a flight instructor Skyvector was a nice tool to cross-check what you have prepared using official resources (which are Jeppesen or Navblue chart services). It wasn’t an official or reliable source for real world flight preparation. They might have a subscription service of some sorts maybe now, I doubt the free Skyvector is suitable for real world navigation, I would definitely check against an official source before using it in real life.

Casual Flight Simmer

I wanted also wanted to choose Navblue or Foreflight when MSFS was released last year, but they didn’t offer an Android solution at the time. It seemed like real pilots mostly use the iPad, and I’m just a flight sim enthusiast.

As I was already vested in Android hardware, I ended up choosing Navigraph. It’s still only $75 US for a 1 year subscription, and it has since become THE best companion/addon to MSFS that I invested in. It may not offer the best true simulation tools that real pilots require, but it is truly a wonderful subscription service/package - for an enthusiast like me.

Before MSFS (FSX days), I used to get charts individually for each airport I was interested in. I didn’t think paying for access to a library of charts was worth it. I didn’t fly airliners. I just flew around FSX in my A2A Civilian P-51 Mustang for fun, and only to the few places that I bought scenery.

I didn’t really think I would use charts that much in MSFS, as I never used them much in FSX. Playing MSFS for the first time and then fooling around with the A32nx (first time I used an airliner in a flight sim) changed everything for me. I wanted to fly everywhere because the entire planet was a good visual representation of the real world. The A32nx created a strong desire in me for the ability to reference charts with my GPS location, SID, STARS, ILS, RNAV, VOR, DME, and NDB info - anywhere in the world and at my fingertips on my Android tablet.

Yes, you can get the info for free, but for anyone else out there considering a subscription service to get NAV info for MSFS, it is totally worth it.

Tools like “charts.navigraph” with Simlink is almost cheating, when flying Warbirds. You can hand fly routes and navigate anywhere, see your GPS position, and overlay all the charts on the map. It’s totally worth it for warbirds too.

In a sense, the charts are the charts, right?

Back when EFBs were “info purposes only” and not approved, we flew with cases of paper.

I’d buy them from my local FBO, pilot shop or online retailer. It mattered only that the retailer was reputable and i was buying the most current cycle available.

In a similar way, as long as the data is original, skyvector is just another “middle man”, right?

Skyvector is horribly “out of date”

Example DCA LDAY RWY19


Jeppesen Depict the updated chart, with NO GS .


Sykvector is say Current “07 OCT 2021 - 04 NOV 2021”

but BOTH charts are dated Amended 1A 29 Mar 2018 ???

The GS on the LDA Y has been decommissioned for many YEARS NOW.

If you were using the SkyVector Plate, you would be wondering why you were not getting any GS information :-1:

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Yes, its up to the individual pilot to ensure usage of the appropriate information.

I guess this is why I never used skyvector for anything outside MSFS.

Don’t need it with tools that also allow me to file real plans. FltPlanGo, wxbrief, Garmin pilot, foreflight etc etc etc.

At least the NaviGraph Jeppesen charts have a clear RED WARNING

“Intended for Simulation only”

Of course I could be wrong… but when I was taking flight lessons, my CFI introduced me to the service but I never Advanced far enough in my training to get to my cross country (finances, age, available time etc). Used it ever since for my sim flying,

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Well I don’t know how it works with other EFB apps, but at least Jeppesen and Navblue are approved sources, including their en-route charts etc. I have no idea how any of these things work for VFR. I’m still from the generation which learned to fly with paper charts and paper route manuals which needed frequent updating :joy:.

It does show LOC/DME on the Skyvector chart? I think Jeppesen adopted some stupid non-CDFA technique while the FAA one uses CDFA.

Edit: do you mean the depiction of a GS on the vertical crossection? Maybe thats how FAA depicts an LDA approach? It does look weird.


Looking at both the LDA Y & LDA Z, both of which are LOC/DME

The Vertical profile of the LDA Y indicates a Glideslope ( which it had many years ago, but has long since been decommissioned)

Is it updated in the official FAA charts, apart from the GS depiction in the vertical profile no GS in mentioned anywhere, those charts also show a slightly different final approach track between LDA Y and LDA Z. Its still a mystery to me why Jeppesen made it a non-CDFA approach since both official charts show a CDFA profile.

Strange stuff … I am sure there are many other examples.

Jeppesen draw their charts in a very different style.

Personally, I think the Style of the Skyvector is clearer than the Jepperson, when 1sy looking at the two.

It was actually this difference at KDCA, that drove me to get a NaviGraph subscription for MSFS.

Its also not 100% clear to me now, where the DME is … The Localizer, or the VOR

When they removed the GS, I assume they did not remove the DME from the Localizer.

The Skyvector charts call the LOC Freq a LOC/DME
The Jeppesen call the LOC Freq a LDA

Its not till I start looking at BOTH of them, that I start to question things …

Yes, the LDA Y, the LOC & DCA VOR are both at the Airport
The LDA Z, the LOC is across the river from the Airport, so the approach course is different

I assume they installed the LDA Z, to give an approach course with an easier turn to the runway.

Then , to add to the confusion, it seesm the LDA Y use to be ROSSLYN LDA RWY 19, and maybe then, did have a GS ?


Note : It says

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Ah I see now, I thought is was an error in magnetic variation maybe, now I see they are actually different localizers. Could it be like Innsbruck east approach? There is a GS but only for reference? Officially its a LOC/DME approach.

When MSFS was released, the LDA Y in MSFS had a GS (In error)

It got corrected at some time in 2021, and now both the MSFS nav Database, and the Navigraph Database, do not have GS on the LDA.

For USA’s “National Airport”, you would think they woulsl at least get this one 100% Correct !!!

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Pretty sure, in RL, the GS got de-commissioned… and no longer is in operation.
Probably broke, and they cannot get the “Old TUBES” anymore !!! Totally Obsolete :roll_eyes:

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Despite a lot of informational replies, I think this thread has gone away from the essense of what the original Poster has asked for, especially the navigraph/map suggestions, which whilst is a great suggestions is not a “replacement” for the map view from previous versions of FS, so i am going to try and answer this question, bringing in some of the answers already given above, into one “solution” :slight_smile:

Firstly, as already mentioned I think you accidently picked a COM freq, not the NAV/ILS freq.

Secondly, with regarding to the in flight MAP from previous versions, unfortunately that is no longer available with the same level of information in MSFS (which is why its called a VFR map now!), however, a very suitable replacement (and arguably better) is the afore mentioned Little Nav Map. This is a free thrid party application that can be run at the same time as MSFS. If you have a single monitor you can “ALT-TAB” to it, and if you have a second screen, you can display it on the second screen.

The reasons for suggesting LNM, within the context of the topic author question are the following:

  • it can connect to the SIM and display your position on the map, as well as can display other AI/Real Life aircraft around you.
  • It can load your existing scenery INCLUDING ADDON AIRPORTS. This is important if you have fictional add on airports, such as the closed MIEGS or Kai Tek. This will display any ILS/Taxiways/gates/Procedures as per what the SIM has, and therefore is closest to the old MAP from previous versions. Navigraph will not display any add on airports
  • LNM can use different base maps (open streetmap, google maps, etc) and has other features that are extremely useful, but beyond the scope of this response.

NOTE: remember to import the scenery library form MSFS into LNM via the approriate menu on LNM on first install, and thereafter any world/sim update, or content update to keep it up to date with what is installed on the sim.

Navigraph as well as using charts is probably the most “professional” way of discovering an ILS, but is not a casual process and whilst good to learn, may be more than required for what the OT was asking. Also navigraph is NOT free.

@KevnBubba buzz me if you want any further info about LMP

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